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3 Ways To Simplify The Check In Process

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The following is a guest post from the good people over at Knock Knock City, a daily storage platform that lets travelers securely store bags and luggage in 40+ local shops across NYC.

Travelers all over the world are quickly discovering the benefits of renting Airbnb spaces. But if they have never stayed at one before, there may be some question as to how the check-in process works.

There are a few essential steps to take before the arrival of your guests, and taking these precautions will help ensure your process is simple and hassle free.

Prior communication

To make sure the check-in goes smoothly, it’s important to keep open communication with your guests. Get in touch with them in advance and confirm check-in and check-out times, their contact information, and arrival details.

Also make arrangements to exchange keys with them. Be sure the expectation is set on whether they will meet you in person, collect the key from somewhere else, or find it somewhere on location. Communicating with your guests about your check-in procedure will make sure that they have the proper expectations upon arrival and the process is simple and seamless.

Be prepared for an early arrival

As the host, you know the typical check in time is around 4 p.m. But most guests arrive early in hopes of getting settled. If you are not ready for them, how do you keep them entertained?

The first course of action would be assisting your guests in storing their luggage. Knock Knock City offers 40+ luggage storage locations in New York City that are affordable and easily accessed from most major areas of the city. If your Airbnb is located outside of New York City, a simple Google search of “luggage storage + your city name” should help you locate a similar service. Knock Knock City will expand to San Francisco by end of March and other major US cities in the near future.

Once their luggage is stored and secure, there may be spare time before your guests are allowed to check in. A great way to help them pass the time is to recommend something fun to do and Hostfully is here to help you achieve that. Share your list of nearby events, shops, activities, or tourist attractions that you can refer them to.

Make a check-in guide

Having clear directions upfront decreases the back-and-forth messaging and eliminates confusions for the check-in process. Although making a house manual that people will actually read is tricky, it’s . Here’s how you can achieve it:

First, create a Check-In Guide utilizing large visuals that communicate the instruction and use short sentences. The shorter your sentences are, the more likely your guests will read them. Try to just capture the essential information.

Second, break down the content into bite-size categories as “How to Get Here”, “Where to Leave Your Luggage” so it’s easy for your guests to digest the information and quick to find what they’re looking for. If you’re not the best at visual communication, you can hire a freelance designer or simply join Hostfully to get the most interactive, easy to use and clear digital house guide –in addition to many other features that will make your hosting journey easier.

The growing popularity of vacation rentals has created some confusion for both guests and hosts on to best handle check-in. Taking these essential steps and precautions before the arrival of your guests will help ensure your process is simple and hassle free for yourself and a great experience for your guest!

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