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5 Ways Property Managers can take advantage of E-mail

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5 ways Property Managers can take advantage of E-mail

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Email has given property managers a powerful channel for reaching potential customers and tenants. That said, leveraging this channel to its full potential involves understanding key best practices, like writing compelling subject lines and using an email verifier tool. If you’re a property manager, the following tips will help you plan and implement email marketing campaigns that deliver the best results.

Target the right people

Including an email list sign-up form on your website is key to getting subscribers. That said, you should consider what type of person would want to subscribe to your list before designing your sign-up form. What sort of content would they want to receive? What benefits would signing up for your list offer them? By answering these questions, you can more easily design a form that convinces visitors to subscribe.

Demonstrate your authority

Email marketing campaigns should provide value to your business. However, surveys indicate people don’t sign up for email lists to receive promotional content. They want information instead.

Remember this when planning a campaign. Although you do want to attract more business via your email marketing strategies, the content itself should serve to establish your brand as an authority in the industry. Use this channel to share information about properties that’s genuinely valuable to readers.

Personalize it

Marketing emails don’t provide many benefits if no one reads them. Luckily, simply including a recipient’s name in an email subject line has been shown to boost open rates by as much as 50%.

Get to the point

Did you know the average amount of time a person spends reading a single email is just slightly above 11 seconds?

Your readers are going to be distracted when engaging with your content. While you don’t want to be so abrupt it seems your emails lack personality, you also want to make sure you provide valuable content efficiently. Too much filler content will prevent readers from finishing your emails.

Cultivate relationships

Email is effective because it gives you the chance to stay in touch with followers. Thus, you should treat campaigns as if you were cultivating relationships with your subscribers. Reward them for their loyalty, segment your list to ensure they receive relevant content (this also improves open rates), and collect feedback to learn what your subscribers do and don’t like about your campaigns.

Happy subscribers are valuable because they can market your property management services for you. An engaged follower who enjoys the content you send and opens your emails regularly will be more likely to share content via social media or other channels.

That’s why email marketing is valuable. When campaigns are planned properly, they help you build relationships with customers that yield ongoing rewards. These tips will make achieving this goal much easier.