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6 things to learn from successful property managers

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A property manager is the highest rank in a property management business. Since the real estate marketplace is highly competitive and overcrowded in most countries and states, the role of a property manager in a company is critical and perhaps the most important.

If you’re currently in this position or your intention is to soon become a property manager, you should first acknowledge that the real estate business is a demanding and difficult industry.

The requirements of being a successful property manager are obviously different from case to case. However, what’s totally clear is that great property managers are extremely resourceful persons that possess empowering knowledge, skills, and mindsets.

In today’s post, I’m sharing the 6 most important things that you can learn from successful property managers. Remember: your professional performance is directly proportional to your personal growth. Change your mindset, actions, and habits, and your professional circumstances will immediately change too!

Good communication skills are a must

Whether you’re a retail company manager or a property manager, you’re still a manager, right? This means that you should be able to effectively convey your ideas, offers, assignments, and opportunities to clients and employees.

If you’re good at communicating with clients, your prospects will become more trusting and faithful in your ability to get the job done. If you’re careful, patient, and diplomatic in your communication approach, you’ll live a long-lasting positive impression that’ll encourage your clients to promote your services to friends and business contacts.

Moreover, a clear and simple communication style will help you reduce the disputes between you and the clients and the problems between your employees.

Focusing on specific goals is key to a great performance

To get something in life, you need to focus your time, attention, and energy on it. Multitasking, especially when it comes to goal, is an extremely ineffective practice that’ll get you lost.

Greater accomplishments require focused work. Your entire existence should revolve around achieving your purpose. For that, you’ll need to become emotionally involved with your goal and commit to it no matter what happens.

“Staying focused on a single goal will grant you several advantages. You’ll be more productive, your subconscious mind will help you by providing excellent solutions to challenges (even in your sleep), and you’ll be able to direct all your energy to provide quality instead of quantity.” – Jill Cherry, a real-estate investor and founder of ProEssayWriting.

Successful property management requires a lot of work

Hard work is the key to all greater accomplishments. If you want something, you need to pay the price. Simple as that.

Many property managers don’t understand the level of commitment and discipline required to consistently grow in this business. For that reason, very few professionals become managers.

To enhance your productivity, working hard is not always enough. You’ll need to work smarter too, meaning that your strategy and implementation should always be optimized in order to generate even better results. Effective planning is the key to productive action!

You must be organized, self-disciplined, and resilient

As a property manager, you’re often granted independence. Nobody forces you to get out of bed, to work extra hours, or to improve your knowledge of the field. For many professionals, total independence and freedom to act and make decisions on their own becomes disadvantaging.

Nevertheless, managing other people comes with additional efforts, but if you can’t manage yourself, you’ll never able to maintain long-term relationships with your clients.

The property management role requires self-organization, self-discipline, and lots of resilience. When you miss an opportunity, don’t spend three days crying. Get up immediately and seek a new one.

When you party all night, but you have an important meeting next day, make sure you show up. When everything seems to be falling apart, stay strong and remember that everything’s temporary. Remember not to give up, as your biggest life success might waiting for you around the corner.

An empowering mindset is absolutely necessary

Our mindsets shape our reality. We are what we think and feel because our thoughts and emotions are always leading us to action. The most significant difference between the most successful people (of every industry) and the mediocre ones is defined by mindset and attitude.

To attract wealth and abundance in life, you’ll need to experience wealth and abundance. So, if you’re constantly experiencing loving and positive thoughts, you’ll attract success. If you’re constantly angry, upset, and dissatisfied with yourself and with the other people around you, you’re going to attract negative events.

You must grow through consistent learning & practice

Every highly-successful professional, regardless of his industry, will never stop growing. Without personal and professional growth, we’ll never be able to stand out of the crowd and do better than others. Why? Because our competition isn’t sitting around, waiting for things to happen.

Your fiercest competitors understand that the real-estate business is as serious as it can be and that only the most knowledgeable, skilled, and smart players will be able to seize the first places. Embrace your competitive spirit and start optimizing your rental property business through active learning and practice!


Successful property managers will never wait for validation or approval, and they won’t depend on other people’s expectations. If this business truly appeals to you and feels like a great choice for your future, start taking real action and achieve small results. Be consistent in improving your mindset, knowledge, and skills, and don’t give up when things get hard!