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Access baby gear through your Hostfully Guidebooks

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As the leading baby equipment rental service, BabyQuip knows it’s not fun to haul bulky baby gear while traveling. That’s why they offer a huge selection of baby equipment and complete baby gear packages to help families pack light. From full-sized cribs and strollers, to car seats and toys, all of their gear is clean, safe and insured.

BabyQuip Independent Quality Providers deliver and setup gear at hotels, Airbnbs, and private residences. They’ll even meet you at the airport!


In the admin dashboard of Hostfully Guidebooks, add a “Get Baby Gear” card to your guidebook. In Theme Settings, check the BabyQuip box.

The BabyQuip section will appear in your arrival section. This helps guests quickly and easily get the baby equipment they need during their stay.