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The 15 Best Property Management Apps [UPDATED]

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The 15 best property management apps

Every vacation rental owner wants to maximize the efficiency of his or her properties. No matter how many properties are in your portfolio, the goal is to work smart, not hard.

Apps are a great way to increase efficiency, maximize profits, and increase the guest experience. Not only do they save you time, but they also allow you to leverage existing assets and increase the efficiency of your operation. Here’s a list of our favorites

Hostfully PMS – the all-in-one rental business software

To provide your guests with a seamless vacation experience, as well as effectively and efficiently run your operation in a way that maximizes profit, you need an all-in-one property management system from which to run your business.

Hostfully offers award-winning property management software (PMS) that gives homeowners everything they need to effectively and efficiently run a vacation home that guests love.

The 15 best property management appsSome of the features in Hostfully’s comprehensive property management system include:

  • Automated and easy messaging
  • Central calendar across all platforms
  • Direct booking option
  • Channel distribution
  • Pricing tools
  • Payment processing
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • And much more!

PriceLabs – a dynamic pricing app for hosts

One of the best ways to attract motivated guests is to price your rental competitively. However, this can be one of the trickiest aspects of owning a vacation rental. How do you know if you’re charging too much or too little?

PriceLabs is an innovative and easy-to-use revenue management solution for vacation and short term rentals. There is an art and science of vacation rental pricing, and PriceLabs has perfected both with a data-driven pricing approach that scans your market for supply and demand trends.

VirtualKEY – prioritize safety and convenience for guests

Guests don’t want to spend valuable vacation time driving around picking up and dropping off keys. Modern travelers are looking for vacation rental amenities that make their experience easy, safe, and convenient.

VirtualKEY allows hosts to manage seamless keyless entry systems for ultimate safety and convenience, all accessible from their mobile devices.

Noiseaware – so that guests don’t bother the neighbors

Guests who are enjoying their time on vacation can sometimes get a little noisy. This can result in unhappy neighbors or even visits from the local authorities.

Noiseaware notifies you when noise levels at your vacation rental reach a certain level. The app sends alerts straight to your phone. It’s perfect for properties that might be popular for bachelor parties or near world-renowned nightlife spots.

Virtual Concierge Service (VCS) – bring the power of voice to your vacation rentals

Voice access completes the set of access points that guests need to have a great experience while on vacation. This also helps managers save valuable time and focus on higher-value activities.

VCS allows voice access to your property information through Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or any configured mobile device. Guests can ask common questions about local recommendations (e.g. “where’s the best local coffee shop?” “where should I go to buy groceries?”) and property information (e.g. “what’s the wifi code?” “what time is checkout?”).

Voice + Your Rental

Properly – hired cleaners won’t miss a speck of dust!

If you manage more than a handful of properties, odds are you’re hiring cleaners. Although they may leave the property clean by their standards, there are always a few spots only you know need special attention. Not to mention how to arrange the furniture! Given that one of the most frequent guest complaints is cleanliness, you want to make sure the hired help leaves the unit according to your strict standards.

Properly is an innovative vacation home management app that allows you to provide cleaners with very specific details on how you want your vacation home cleaned. You can even upload pictures of your expectations so that not a single detail is missed.

Proper – Manage work orders, cleaners, and repairs with a single tap

As you scale up, managing handymen, repairmen, cleaners, and any other type of hired help becomes an organizational feat. With many moving parts on the go, it’s easy to see how an owner could lose track of it all.

Proper is a comprehensive vacation management app that helps track work orders for any type of hired workers. The app allows you to create work orders, communicate as a team, and submit proof of completion. You’ll never lose a work order again or fall behind in routine maintenance and repairs.

TaskRabbit – one app for any odd task

There is nothing more stressful than being too far away to deal with a guest emergency. Just as you’re winding down on a Saturday night, you get a call to come fix something an hour’s drive away.

Taskrabbit allows you to quickly hire a certified “tasker” who can take care of things such as setting up a TV, cleaning a small space, or fixing a running toilet when your maintenance team can’t get to it. Prices vary based on the job, but it’s affordable considering the quick response time you can get in some cities.

Nest – control temperature before and after your guests leave

Heating and cooling can be one of a home owner’s most significant expenses. Not to mention that when the guests leave, they don’t always turn up or down the temperature. Why pay for heating and cooling of an empty house?

Nest allows you to control the temperature of the home even when you’re not there. Using this innovative vacation rental management app, you can prevent astronomical cooling and heating bills as well as set the temperature in the home before guests arrive.

Ring – ensure your property stays safe

You can never have too many eyes on your property, especially when you don’t live locally.

Ring allows you to take pictures of the activity that goes on around your home and store pictures to the cloud. Security is one of those features you can use to upsell your property and make it stand out from the competition.

QuickBooks – easily track your income, expenses, and taxes

Your vacation rental properties are businesses in and of themselves. And with any business comes the tracking of income and expenses. If your operation is small, you can get away with a spreadsheet of money coming in and out. But as you scale up, you’ll need something more powerful to make the task of accounting easier.

QuickBooks is an easy-to-use vacation rental business app that helps property managers keep track of rental income, general expenses, overhead charges, schedule payments for contractors, and keep track of vital customer data.

CamScanner – scanning and storing receipts has never been so easy

One way to maximize profits in a vacation home management business is to stay on top of all things bookkeeping and accounting. After all, come tax season, those expenses can lead to significant deductions and returns.

CamScanner is a popular vacation rental management app that allows vacation homeowners to turn their phones or tablets into a high-tech portable scanner. Simply scan and store receipts for easy retrieval at tax time, or use it to track income and expenses.

Evernote – you’ll never forget that great idea again

Do you find yourself thinking of great ideas and project details, only to forget them later in the day?

Evernote is easy-to-use and helps busy hosts keep all of their ideas and projects in one place. Bookmark an interesting article or tag pictures you found online for future reference. You can even leave yourself voice notes!

What makes Evernote great, however, is its powerful sorting and organization feature. After all, there’s no point taking notes if you can’t find them later.

LastPass – store all those passwords securely

With an increase in cybercrime, a compromised password on one site could be used by a hacker to gain access to accounts on several sites. Using the same password over and over is a security risk, but having an original one for each login is also cumbersome.

LastPass fixes that problem. It’s a secure place to store all of your passwords for easy access across all your devices. Just remember one password and the rest is history.

Hostfully Guidebooks – Save time and give guests local recommendations

The secret to generating more bookings is selling the experience, not just the home. One trick hosts use is creating and leaving guidebooks in the rental. Guidebooks allow you to put all the resources and information that guests will need and one easy to use app. But who has time to create and maintain one?

Hostfully Guidebooks gives hosts the option to provide guests local recommendations. Using Google Places, all a host has to do is find a spot (restaurant, beach, bar, shop, etc) and add it to the guidebook. In under 30 minutes, most hosts have a polished, customized and branded guidebook unique to their property. What’s great is that the guests only need to click on one link to download the entire guidebook. No need for yet another app for the guests!

Sample Guidebook

Wrapping Things Up

An exciting, fun, and profitable vacation rental business is based on working smarter, not harder. Implementing some of these innovative vacation rental business apps into your workflow will help manage your properties, cater to your guests, manage your finances, and offer practical ways to manage your business.