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Booking Requests, Pre-Authorization charges, and customized Pre-Arrival forms

🎉 What’s New: Booking Requests and Pre-Authorization charges


  • Capture guest payment info at the time of inquiry, with Booking Requests
  • Hold security deposits with pre-authorization charges
  • Did you know that you can add custom fields to your Pre-Arrival Forms to better inform your guests?


For all bookings coming directly through Hostfully, the Property Management Platform now supports 3 types of booking processes:

  1. Booking Inquiries: Guest sends an inquiry, you return a quote, and they can book.
  2. Instant Booking: Guest finds available dates and properties, and books directly.
  3. NEW Booking Requests: Guest finds available dates and properties, they provide their payment information. The property manager will receive the inquiry, and can then decide to accept or decline the request. If accepted, the payment is processed directly without further intervention from the guest.


You can now use credit card Pre-Authorizations to charge only for security deposits if necessary after a stay. Instead of charging the full amount prior to a stay and then returning it after, property managers can now use the industry preferred method of charging for security deposits. And, happier travelers mean higher conversions for your business!


In order to turn on Pre-Authorization charges, navigate to the Agency Settings page and click the box “Use pre-authorization charges for Security Deposits”, then click the Update button:

Once the charge has been processed, a new sub-section will appear in the Order page, with a Transaction type labeled “Security Deposit Charge”.


The Pre-Arrival Form filled out by your guests are essential for collecting key information. As such, being able to customize the form to fit your particular business requirements is a welcome level of flexibility provided by the Hostfully Property Management Platform.


Creating the custom fields — Head to your Template and Triggers page, then select the Custom Data tab, then the Pre-Arrival Form sub-tab.

NOTE: Guests will see the form either during the payment flow on Hostfully, or if you send them a custom email asking to fill out the form. See here on how to set up Pre-Arrival Forms as part of your booking flow.

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