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Taking the fear out of remote property management

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Morgan Akchehirlian is the Director of Marketing and Sales at CoHostMarket, an online platform that connects property managers with vacation rental owners.

Remote property management involves letting a manager take care of your property for you. Often, this is done to manage properties that aren’t in the same physical location as the owner. In other cases, it’s done by managers who don’t have a specific physical location but travel and manage properties for clients in many different locations.

As this kind of management style has grown and developed, online property management has also become a big business. Especially for a busy property owner with many obligations, it’s often easier to let a virtual assistant or other remote property manager handle rental properties.

Why should I hire a remote property manager?

Many people use short-term rental property managers when they have rental properties such as houses and multi-family dwellings. But this kind of help doesn’t have to just be about longer-term rentals. Remote property management can work very well for short-term rentals, as well.

If you have an Airbnb listing, letting a remote property manager handle it can be the way to keep it rented and reduce your stress levels. Most likely you’re renting the space for extra income, not for the hassle that can come along with being a landlord. By taking the management out of your hands, you reduce the chances of stress and hassle, as well.

People with Airbnb rentals can be fearful of letting someone else manage them. Maybe they had a bad experience with an unskilled or untrained property manager in the past. Or maybe they’ve heard negative stories and opinions from family or friends.

But there are a number of great ways to get Airbnb support for your rentals through hiring a remote property manager. Working with the right person and a quality company are both important aspects of getting your properties managed the right way. That can reduce or eliminate all the fear and anxiety some people feel when choosing remote property management.

Finding the right property management matters

One of the most important aspects of using a remote property management service is getting the right one. There aren’t that many of these services available, but there are plenty of people who claim they can manage your Airbnb rental from another location.

Don’t settle for someone you don’t know anything about or someone who doesn’t have the kind of experience and qualifications you’re looking for. Instead, work with a quality service that matches trained property managers with Airbnb and other short-term rental owners. That will help keep you and your valuable rental property safe and secure.

Hire a professional property manager with verified reviews

Choosing a person and company you can trust will also take the stress out of owning a rental property. Many people decide to be Airbnb hosts, without necessarily understanding everything that goes into doing that. Soon they might discover that having a short-term rental can take a lot of work, and they might not have the time to do that work easily or efficiently.

If you have a short-term rental property and feel like you’re in over your head, or if you just want to have someone else handle the management and details for you, there are options you can choose from. The right person will make a big difference.

With, you can get an Airbnb virtual assistant or property manager to help you manage your properties more easily and efficiently. When you automate your Airbnb rental, you no longer need to worry about all those management tasks that can become stressful and problematic. Getting a property manager to help you make all the difference, and gives you back the carefree life you’re working toward by taking over the handling of your short-term rental property. With property managers in more than 190 countries, there’s someone who can help you manage your Airbnb property today.

There’s no time like the present

You don’t have to wait any longer to find a remote property manager. Whether you already have short-term rentals that you’d like managed, or you’re thinking about getting into the short-term rental market and were worried about management, the help you need is ready and waiting for you.

According to CohostMarket founder and CEO Morgan Akchehirlian, “People can be very entrepreneurial, and it’s part of my job to help encourage that spirit. Now is the time to encourage more people to take full advantage of everything short-term rentals can offer.” It’s time for you to get into the short-term rental market.

By working with a remote property manager, you can relax and enjoy the value of owning rental property. There’s no reason being a rental property owner has to be stressful, and you don’t need to handle everything alone. You can talk to trained professionals who can give you advice, assistance, and guidance regarding your Airbnb properties. If you’re ready to get started, and you’re letting management concerns hold you back, you should know that you don’t need to have those fears or worries any longer. It’s easier than ever to have a short-term rental property and get it managed by someone who has the knowledge you need.

When you take the fear out of remote property management, you can see the value that short-term rentals have to offer. They can provide a great income for people who are looking for something extra, people who are retired, or those who have vacation properties that they only use at certain times of the year. If you fit one of those categories, or you’d like to start getting involved in real estate and Airbnb short-term rental, you can get help from a trusted remote property manager today.