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🙋‍ Guidebook Update: New layout, marketplace, and more!

By July 8, 2020 August 4th, 2020 No Comments

Exciting new updates 🤗

Here are some of the new and existing features that help vacation rental managers provide a 5-star guest experience using Hostfully Guidebooks.

🥰 New design — The Hostfully Guidebook form generator now includes a collapsable menu for the top-level sections, making guidebook creation and navigation much easier.

✨Branding — You can private label your entire guidebook! We find that many users add their custom logo, but forget that they can also change the color scheme of the guidebook. Find out more here. Here’s one we really liked!

🔑 Secure Links — There is so much you can do with Hostfully’s Secure Links feature. You can secure information within a card, you can secure an entire card, or the entire guidebook. Here’s a tutorial on how to better secure your guidebook.

🏪 Marketplace — Vacation rental managers, like other businesses, can always find new ways to improve customer satisfaction as well as the bottom line. The sweet spot is if you can achieve both at the same time. Selling additional services to your guests—such as experiences, equipment, mid-stay cleaning, or late check-out—not only gives guests more control and options, it allows vacation rental managers to give the customer exactly what they want, when they want, and boost revenue.

Hostfully’s Guidebooks Marketplace helps managers achieve this. Learn more here about how it works, some initial Marketplace ideas for managers, and how to set it up to ultimately improve your bottom line.

🧐 Oh, and don’t forget…

  1. You can re-use Cards across multiple guidebooks: Cards can be shared between multiple guidebooks and you only need to change the one Card to make the change across all guidebooks using it.
  2. Create your Custom Categories: You can create custom recommendation categories, as well as custom categories for the House Manual and Information sections of your guidebook.