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FrontRunner: Gartner names Hostfully in 2020 top Vacation Rental Software

By November 25, 2020 December 2nd, 2020 No Comments

Hostfully is very proud that Software Advice just named Guidebooks as a top Vacation Rental Software product. FrontRunners evaluates verified customer reviews to come up with their rankings, and Hostfully took a top spot 🎉!


🏆 Hostfully takes a top spot in Vacation Rental Software category 

The FrontRunners program evaluates verified end-user reviews and product data, positioning the top scoring products based on Usability and Customer Satisfaction ratings for small businesses. And Hostfully’s Guidebooks software took the #2 spot in both usability and customer satisfaction…

…just sayin’! 😁

The FrontRunner award shows that those leveraging Hostfully Guidebooks are at the leading-edge of vacation rental software. Keep it up! 👏👏👏👏