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How to share your vacation rental guidebook

By March 8, 2019 March 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Your relationship with your guests matters to us. As such, we are continually seeking ways to enhance your ability to provide a 5-star experience.


As a vacation rental owner, you know that efficient communication is the critical ingredient to a positive guest experience. This is why we started Hostfully in the first place — to give vacation rental owners the tools they need to facilitate 5-star hospitality.


As such, we asked some of the most active Hostfully vacation rental hosts to share their secrets to their amazing guidebooks. Here’s what they had to say about sharing your guidebook.


1. Share your guidebook URL 48 hours before a guest arrives

Guests can book a listing months before their arrival, so make sure to send them your guidebook URL when they need it, right before their trip starts.

Our advice? In your calendar, remind yourself to email your guests at least 48 hours before they arrive. You can also copy the guidebook URL and paste it in your standard messaging system, such as Airbnb’s inbox.

Why? Because this is the time when guests are ensuring they have everything ready for their trip, including details about airport transportation, check-in, house rules, and much more.

2. Explain what’s on your guidebook

It’s not enough to simply share your URL with guests. Make sure you set expectations on what you’re offering in your guidebook as most guests don’t anticipate what type of information is on the guidebook

Our advice? In your email, explain what your guidebook actually includes. You can use this blurb in your current email template:

We are proud of providing an excellent customer service for years, which means that the majority of our reviews are 5-star. To keep offering the same high-quality service, we made a personalized guidebook with all the information you need for your stay including: check-in, check-out, local recommendations, how to use our amenities, transportation instructions, etc. We hope our guidebook answers all your inquiries.

3. Rephrase your answers. Redirect them to your guidebook

Though the first 2 tips work well, we know that some guests will still ask questions, even after giving them all the information they need.


Our advice? When a guest calls or emails you with their first question, make sure you first answer it carefully. But don’t forget to also tell them that all the inquiries they have can be answered with the guidebook.


Be sure to tell them exactly where in the guidebook the information is contained. And, if the question you received isn’t covered in the guidebook, make a note to yourself to add it!


Why? Even after sending your guidebook 48 hours before they arrived and explained what’s inside your guidebook, some guests might not have paid attention.


In this case, since they are the ones reaching out to you, they will pay attention to your response. This is the perfect moment to remind them that you worked hard on creating this guidebook and they’ll find all the answers inside.


Also, once you direct them back to your guidebook for one answer, they are more likely to look there first when they have future questions.