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Why it matters to vacation rental owners

The Hostfully + Properly integration helps property managers use interactive and visual checklists to share instructions with cleaners, schedule changeover services, and more easily manage the entire turnover process.

The Properly integration simplifies your day-to-day operations:

Show cleaners your exact cleaning and staging touches with visual checklists
Schedule cleanings and simplify your invoicing with suppliers
Keep track of progress in real time and get proof turnover

Hostfully members who integrate
with Airbnb also integrate with:

OK2Charge is the only company providing integrated smart electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for vacation rentals.

OK2Charge’s integration with Hostfully means you can now add automated EV charging stations to your homes, managing it all through the Hostfully platform. Stand out from the competition and create an extra revenue stream through up-selling to guests.

Home Automation

Staymenity is an online booking platform that connects guests with exclusive amenity spaces (pools, private gyms, beach properties, etc.) by the hour. We aim to enhance, optimize and deliver the perfect travel, work and life experiences for you to enjoy.


Whimstay is the leading vacation rental marketplace for travelers looking to book last-minute stays at a great value. Whimstay offers a best-in-class user experience via our app and website, and provides hosts with top-notch support and an intuitive platform that makes filling unsold nights easy.


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