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Launch Announcement: 2018 Global Report on Hospitality in Vacation Rentals Survey

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Launch Announcement: 2018 Global Report on Hospitality in Vacation Rentals Survey

In 2017,  the first-ever Global Report on Hospitality Trends in Vacation Rentals was published  by Hostfully. Based on a dataset from more than 50 vacation rental managers in 80 countries, it shared the latest trends and sentiments about hospitality in vacation rentals, including industry benchmarks and best practices.

The report also featured interviews with industry leaders including Matt Landau (Founder, VRMB), Susan Doul (former Director of VRMA), Eric Mason (Founder, Vacation Rental Professionals Forum), and Steven Carvell (former Dean at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration).

We’re excited to announce that vacation professionals worldwide can participate in the survey for our 2018 report – starting today. We are calling on every vacation rental manager to participate and lend their point of view.

Every participant will be able to compare their business against their peers  – seeing how vacation rental company hospitality practices compare against other companies in the industry.

Last year’s Global Report on Hospitality in Vacation Rentals found that 84% of vacation rental companies offer, or want to offer, hospitality services that can’t be managed through existing property management software.

Additionally, property managers struggled with distributing their listings across different bookings platforms. Will this be consistent in 2018?

The 2017 report was widely covered by industry media outlets including Skift and VRMA. This helped thousands of companies worldwide gain critical insights into the changing nature of the vacation rental hospitality experience and the market.

Another market study that shows dramatic changes in the vacation rentals market is the 2018 market sizing report on software in vacation rentals, released last week. Covered in PhocusWire, the report finds that over 100,000 companies are managing the vacation rental sector.

The market sizing study draws findings from more than a dozen public sources, triangulating them against leading market reports, to identify how much vacation rental companies really spend on software – more than $15B.

What are you waiting for? We invite you to share your unique insights on hospitality in vacation rentals. When you do, you’ll be able access comparative benchmarks that will help your business stay on top of the latest trends.

And, as a thank you for participating, Hostfully is giving away 20 free guidebooks for one year to a lucky winner.