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Living and Hosting on a Beach in the South – Hostfully Host Spotlight: Tim and Elizabeth Spaid

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Folly Beach, South Carolina, is a beachside community nicknamed “The Edge of America.” It is the closest island to beautiful downtown Charleston, which is only eight miles away. Folly Beach has a history of pirates and shipwrecks.


Tim and Elizabeth Spade live and manage property in Folly Beach. The beauty and the history of the little town continues to attract them on daily basis and they continue to call this place their home.


Who are Tim and Elizabeth Spade?

Tim Spaid has spent 30 years in developing websites, education technology, eLearning course development, and customer service. As co-owner of Coast Awhile Vacation Rentals with his wife, Elizabeth, Tim has leveraged his technology background to achieve rental listing site co-existence, through the development of a website, 360-degree virtual property tours, and Hostfully online guidebooks.


Elizabeth manages all of the day-to-day property related business: accepting rental bookings, scheduling cleaners, really, all of the important details making sure guests are happy and comfortable.


Together, focused on their separate tasks, they are a well oiled machine that ensures the guest experience is top-notch.


“We started hosting and managing our own vacation home after a year of using a local property management company. It became clear to us that the management company didn’t offer the level of quality to our guests that we could provide ourselves. This is a second home that we want to share with others so that our guests will have the same transformative vacation experience that compelled us to buy the home in the first place.”


It all started when Tim got the the idea to leverage eLearning development platform tools into creating beautiful, responsive design guidebooks.  He immediately saw the benefits and direction of Hostfully and changed course to take full advantage of this exciting solution.


“We took a property that had been ravaged by Hurricane Ivan back in 2004 and turned it into a beautiful vacation compound to connect friends and family to the splendor of the natural surroundings of the Santa Rosa Sound located in the Panhandle of Florida.” They shared the full story in a vacation rental guidebook hosted by Hostfully.


Tim emphasized the importance of imprinting your own unique style. “You know what you want from a vacation from others, now provide it. You’ll cover the basics of being a host, of course.  Transcend the basics by helping your guests connect to experiences they will remember long after they leave your abode.”


Tim and Elizabeth just launched a new YouTube Channel as part of an effort to connect prospective renters with experiences offered by each of their vacation property locations.


Folly Beach, South Carolina

Folly Beach, is a beautiful town on Folly Island, South Carolina. It has a long and colorful history, and it’s also really close to Charleston (which is always a good thing!)


“Folly Beach is a melting pot of unique individuals who have enjoyed the carefree living that has characterized the island.”


Starting in 1940s Folly Beach became home to numerous new attractions, drawing many new visitors. Namely, the town got a dance hall, boardwalk, amusement rides, a fishing pier, and many shops.


“We love the bohemian vibe of the island which is home to surfers, artists, fishermen, and families. There is a fun, quirky, but also generous spirit on Folly where neighbors help each other, particularly after natural disasters, such as Hurricane Hugo, which devastated the area in September 1989.”


The town attracts all sorts of people, the great American composer and pianist George Gershwin lived in Folly in the 1930s and composed Porgy and Bess during that time period.

Source: Flicker



Tips by Tim and Elizabeth

With so many years of experience behind them, Tim and Elizabeth were eager to share some tips with Hostfully readers.


Being driven by passion to share experiences, instead of only making money is a sure path to success, according to Tim. He also emphasizes the importance of building relationships with people in the community who cater to tourists and are good at what they do.


“Understand the kinds of things that interest your guests and the kinds of experiences they want. Respond by connecting them directly with people you know, and who have a real first-hand knowledge of your location. When you do this, you’ll know you are providing a unique vacation experience.”

Tim and Elizabeth also have a lot of praise for Hostfully. They’ve loved using it, as it’s made their job even easier.


“One of the terrific ways we have been able to share knowledge of our home, its location, and our personal recommendations is through the Hostfully guidebook platform. The guidebook looks great and is easily accessible on a phone, computer, or tablet, or even in print. It is now an important part of our Host check-in / check-out communication process.”


Tim and Elizabeth Recommend

The Lost Dog Cafe

The Lost Dog is our favorite place to eat breakfast hands down.  We like the atmosphere, and it is kid friendly.  Try the cappuccino coffee muffins.

Source: Yelp – Patrick F.


The Smoking Pot

Treat your family and friends to an authentic lowcountry boil experience.


You can book The Smoking Pot and Andrew will come out to our townhome and cook a lowcountry boil on the premises. He will bring and steam fresh locally caught blue crab with all the fixins’, including tables, tablecloths, silverware, hot sauce, and hammers for the crabs. You’ll be instructed all about how to properly “dig in” to the crab. This is a true authentic experience!

Source: Yelp – Jennifer H.


Charleston Culinary Tours

No better way to soak in the history of Charleston than through walking, talking and eating your way through the local cuisine.

Source: Yelp – Tracy S.


Bert’s Market

Folly Beach’s only grocery store on the island. It’s open 24 hours, and it’s been named the best grocery store!

Source: Yelp – Elexa N.


Folly Beach Annual Festivals

Folly Beach and Charleston host a number of different festivals annually. Here are some of the festivals we hope you might be able to experience on your vacation:


  • New Year’s Eve Flip-Flop Drop: December 31, 2017
  • Bill Murray Look-A-Like Polar Plunge: January 1, 2018
  • Taste of Folly: January 19 -20, 2018
  • Folly Gras: February 17, 2018
  • Sea and Sand Festival: September 23, 2018
  • The Folly Jazz Festival: October 2018
  • Follypalooza: October 21, 2018


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