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Manage Property Access and Automate Guest Check-ins for your Vacation Rental

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Manage property access and automate guest check-ins for your vacation rental

Keycafe is the leading key exchange solution for Airbnb hosts, property managers, and real estate agents.

Managing property access is a crucial part of hosting a vacation rental, as key exchange and guest check-in are the first points of contact for guests staying in your home. Once a guest arrives where they’ll be staying for their vacation, the last thing they want to struggle with is access to the property.

The importance of simplifying property access

Many hosts feel that their guests want to be met in person and have a personal walk-through of the property. However, after dealing with hundreds of thousands of guests, we have found that the majority prefer self check-in options for the following reasons.

Flexibility: Guests want the ability to change their schedules on the fly, stop for dinner enroute, or go see the Eiffel Tower as soon as they land (or maybe their flight is simply delayed). They don’t want to feel obligated or guilty to rush to their apartment because you are waiting for them.

Awkwardness: It can be a bit awkward for guests to deal with the homeowner whose bed they are about to sleep in. Neither party wants to think about that.

Safety: Many guests have spoken about how uneasy they are with meeting a stranger (the host or their cleaner) on a dark street late at night to get a key handed over. Trying to find a realtor lockbox on a wall with dozens of lockboxes is just as uncomfortable to deal with.

Professionalism: Airbnb has introduced self check-in as a requirement for their business listings and their plus listings, showing the trend in traveler preferences.

By automating the check in process, the host is solving all of these issues for their guests and are well on their way to a five-star review. A key exchange service such as Keycafe automates the entire process so that the guest has a fantastic start to their trip and the host can focus on ensuring the other aspects of the stay live up to expectations.

Keycafe solves the Flexibility issue by offering 24/7 pickup locations so the guests can freely arrive on their own schedule. The Awkwardness is solved by facilitating self check-in. The Safety uneasiness goes away, because they don’t have to meet in a dark alley, but rather in a bright and friendly local business. A high-tech automated solution shows guests that they are dealing with a host who cares about their time and safety, and presents a very professional start to their trip. Combined with a digital guide book from a service like Hostfully, you can still have a very personal touch while giving all of these fantastic benefits to your guest.

Other benefits for hosts using a key exchange service

Photo ID Verification: Keycafe provides an optional service that enables hosts to request that guests upload their ID documents which are verified prior to travel. For extra reassurance, hosts can request real-time photo ID verification that compares a selfie to the guests ID prior to gaining access to the property. This service is mandatory in some countries such as Japan and Italy, but a nice feature for hosts anywhere who wish to meet guests in person to know if they are who they expected.

Manage property access and automate guest check-ins for your vacation rental

Airbnb integration: Keycafe has integrated with Airbnb to allow for instant synchronization between bookings and guests, so you just hit the accept booking button and the guest is provided with all the access information automatically.

Manage property access and automate guest check-ins for your vacation rental

Anytime Access: Provide your cleaners and service providers with anytime access so they can manage your properties with ease. The tracking system lets you know if a guest leaves early, allowing you to send in cleaning staff faster and run your operation more efficiently.

Keycafe provides a full history of who has had access to the keys, and you can manage future access down to the minute, instantly canceling access to a booking, or granting a last minute guest an early check-in time. With over 1000 locations in over 50 cities, there is bound to be a Keycafe SmartBox near you to help you manage your own listings. If you manage dozens of properties, you may even want to consider private enterprise key exchange solutions.

Key sharing services are becoming an integral part of managing a vacation rental property because the service makes guests happier, saves hosts time, and simplifies multiple bookings and cleanings. Keycafe offers a free trial so you can find out for yourself.