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Automation meets scalability for vacation rentals: Hostfully + Operto integration

By April 16, 2020 April 20th, 2020 No Comments
Operto and Hostfully integration

Hostfully is excited to announce a new integration with property automation provider Operto. Vacation rental management companies will now be able to use Operto’s services from the Hostfully central management tool to automate smart devices and offer guests a smart stay. This latest partnership helps propel Hostfully’s leadership in creating an all-encompassing management platform vacation rental managers can use to coordinate all aspects of their day-to-day operations.

Operto is a powerful software platform that provides guest entry management, temperature control as well as monitoring features. By streamlining these core processes of vacation rental management, Operto helps boost the relationship between hosts and guests. Operto also facilitates the integration of the internet of things (IoT), which is quickly becoming a common value-added feature in many vacation rental markets.

From Hostfully’s central PMP, vacation rental management companies will be able to use Operto’s Smart Stay solution to boost the guest experience, and realize cost savings. By remotely regulating temperatures, managers will also save energy the minute guests check out. The integration will also facilitate the monitoring of noise and occupancy (through CO2 concentration). Adding to the guest experience, managers will have the option of automatically assigning and sending guests entry codes for keypad locks – a service 63% of guests now expect, according to Operto allows for a fully secure 24/7 check-in that doesn’t require a key handover or an app that guests have to install.

Hostfully’s co-founder and CEO, Margot Schmorak, had the following to say about this latest integration:

“Operto is an industry leader when it comes to the integration of the IoT in vacation rental management. This latest integration with Operto will give existing Hostfully clients the option to shorten, if not completely eliminate, time-intensive tasks. Together, we’re committed to helping VRMCs scale while also improving the overall guest experience.”

Michael Driedger, the co-founder and CEO of Operto said,

“By partnering with Hostfully, we’ll offer professional vacation rental managers increased efficiencies in managing their properties. Every minute we save managers is one they can use to scale up their businesses, but most importantly, take care of their guests. Over the coming weeks, we’ll also integrate Operto into Hostfully’s guidebooks. This’ll give guests access to some of the remote features offered by Operto, directly from their digital guest books.”

In 2019, Hostfully won VRMB’s Best All-Around Vacation Rental Software award for its PMP and digital guidebooks. The software, which is price-competitive compared to less feature-rich competitors, gives small VRMCs the chance to scale without having to switch platforms once the property count breaks 50+. Hostfully, along with its dozens of integration partners, hopes to continue building the vacation rental industry of the future.