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🙋‍ PMP Update: Tutorials, webinar, and more!

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Filter by Tags 📑

Tags allow you to quickly organize and sort properties. Across the PMP platform, you can filter by tag to focus on specific properties 🏡. This increases efficiency when your property counts are high.

Instead of showing all properties on the page, you can set a filter to only show a specific property, or groups of properties. Learn more here.
🎫 Embrace seasonality with discount codes

As domestic travel is rising 📈, vacation rental managers more than ever need the flexibility and tools 🔧 to welcome guests back. To help PMP managers with that, we are excited to announce a new feature to create discount codes within the platform.

Want to run a seasonal discount marketing campaign? Now you can. Want to give a specific code for a group of travelers? Now you can. Want to send out an email to your list as part of a holiday promotion? Yes, now you can.

It has been a difficult start to 2020 for vacation rental managers 😟, but guests are coming back 😀, and travel generally is looking to bounce back. It’s more important than ever to be flexible in your pricing and promotion, to be in the best position to optimize your bookings into the future 🏡.

Guests are coming back 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦, is your pricing optimized?

We are very proud of our partnership with Beyond Pricing, a leading dynamic pricing provider. Beyond Pricing offers software for vacation rentals designed to maximize rental revenue and occupancy.

To showcase our integration with Beyond Pricing, Hostfully President and co-founder David Jacoby hosted a webinar 💻 with Marc Peckler of Beyond Pricing. In this short webinar, Marc showed Hostfully customers exactly how they can benefit from using dynamic pricing tools 💸 alongside our Property Management Platform.

Video tutorials

Don’t forget to check out Hostfully’s new video 🎥 tutorials page. Here is some of the useful content you’ll find:

📃 How to create a template and trigger
💸 Manage owner expenses
🔃 How to turn on the sync with Airbnb
📆 How to block dates on the Calendar

And so much more! See more.