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🚀 Properly integration: Turnover and operations ✨ magic

Have you heard of Properly? Properly is a powerful web and mobile-based management tool for your housekeeping and maintenance operations. You can create amazing interactive visual checklists, schedule cleaners, monitor job progress in realtime, and much more.

Best of all, Properly integrates with Hostfully!

Why it matters to vacation rental owners


The Hostfully + Properly integration helps property managers use interactive and visual checklists to share instructions with cleaners, schedule changeover services, and more easily manage the entire turnover process.

The Properly integration simplifies your day-to-day operations:

  • Show cleaners your exact cleaning and staging touches with visual checklists
  • Schedule cleanings and simplify your invoicing with suppliers
  • Keep track of progress in real time and get proof turnover

Watch the integration video here.

Here’s how to get started with the Properly integration:

Step 1 — Create a FREE Properly account
New customers benefit from a free 30-day trial on Properly.

Step 2 — Enable Properly in your Hostfully Property Management Platform
Navigate to “Integrations” and enable Properly, and once you’ve created your free account you can then download the Properly app.

Step 3 — Create checklists and schedule turnover jobs
Now it’s time to create checklists for your cleaners and home service providers inside of your new Properly account. These checklists use your Hostfully listing photos, so your cleaners can see exactly what guests expect.

The Properly photo capture tool also lets you oversee the work of your cleaners at any time and provide a record the unit condition after each guest checkout (critical if you have damages!). And thanks to the Hostfully integration, turnover scheduling is even easier.