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📢 Reach more guests by serving a dedicated audience

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Vetted guests

Golightly is an invite-only home-sharing and vacation rental club for women. Golightly and Hostfully want women to travel often, stay safely, and go lightly. This is why we are very excited to introduce Golightly as our new Integration Zone partner.

Golightly is offering Hostfully members a 0% host fee for all who join before December 2020.  If you’d like an invite, send an email here.

We are particularly excited because Hostfully is the first property management platform to have a direct integration with Golightly!

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Integrate with Golightly

Golightly is an invite-only private club providing a vacation rental and home-sharing platform for women. All Golightly properties are owned or managed by women. Bookings are only made by women within the network, though they can travel with whomever they wish.

Golightly is focused on providing a safer and better travel experience for women

🙋‍♀️ Why Golightly

Media reports and research indicate that women often feel unsafe while traveling. A recent survey by Wakefield Research shows 89% of women routinely take extreme safety precautions when they travel, such as double-checking locks and looking for hidden cameras, and nearly 50% of women are more likely to stay in a woman-owned rental.

With Golightly, hosts get access to vetted guests and the following benefits:

🦺 Safety: As a private club, Golightly carefully vets each member and property listing.
🏡 Stylish: A carefully curated portfolio, luxury at any budget, attracts guests globally.
👩‍👩‍👧 Network: By joining a community of like-minded professionals, you can earn while networking.