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Reach more outdoorsy travelers today—with Yonder

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Hostfully + Yonder = 😁

Hostfully is very excited to announce a new integration with Yonder, a travel booking site with the singular passion to connect travelers to nature 🌄 and the experiences 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️ that the natural world provides 🐤.

Haven’t heard of Yonder? This booking platform features vacation properties that are immersed in the great outdoors. From forest 🌲, to mountain, to desert, to countryside, to waterfront escapes and more. Each property invites guests 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 to connect with nature and the ecosystems within it.

Should you list on Yonder?

  • Do you own a property or operate an activity that’s immersed in nature?
  • Are you passionate about protecting the natural ecosystems around you?
  • Do you offer guest accommodations, tours, classes, or events?

If yes, then please head over to review Yonder’s submission form. If you are already on Yonder, you can now enable the channel directly through your Hostfully Channels page.

From Hostfully’s central Property Management Platform, vacation rental management companies can now toggle on this booking channel to integrate directly with Yonder.

The Benefits of Listing on Yonder

  1. Storytelling: A listing format that invites guests to learn about the history and traditions of your property, and a photo narrative that showcases your property’s special connection to nature.
  2. 1:1 Partnership: A dedicated account manager (available by phone, email and text) that works alongside you to assist with onboarding, listing completion, and any day-to-day questions that come up.
  3. Recognition: An accolades program that spotlights Yonder Stewards that excel in demonstrating positive environmental social practices.