Property Management Platform 2 mins read waiving $400 implementation fee 😎

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New era for Hostfully + 🎉

Hostfully is thrilled to announce a new era in its partnership with—An industry-leading team of experienced revenue management professionals that help maximize vacation rental income.

What’s new?

Hostfully and have been partners since October 2019. So what changed 🤷‍♀️?  A few key things that we think will help vacation rental managers (VRMs) grow their business during these uncertain times.

1. First, Hostfully now enjoys the title of Preferred Partner. This is due in large part to our award-winning Property Management Platform (PMP) and Digital Guidebooks. Both are key tools for VRM growth, optimization, and scaling.  So it’s no surprise that recommends our software to their clients.

2. Second, will be paying the $400 implementation fee for the switch from other PMSs to Hostfully. It’s a win-win for both and its clients. Switching to a flexible, versatile, and API-backed PMS like Hostfully is a crucial step any VRM needs to take to unlock growth, cut down on repetitive administrative tasks, boost revenue and break down barriers to scaling up.

Bottom Line: Despite the drawbacks and challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re seeing VRMs put the downtime to good use and migrate their operations from channel managers to Hostfully’s PMP and explore new booking opportunities to help hit the ground running when we return to our new normal.

Enhanced distribution is more important than ever. We’re talking about multi-channel distribution: the art of advertising your property at scale to convert as many potential travelers into bookings 💵.