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📢 Risk mitigation with NoiseAware [New Integration Zone Partner]

By November 17, 2020 November 19th, 2020 No Comments

What are noise events?

Evidence shows that noise events, and resulting property damage, are on the rise since COVID-19. That’s why monitoring them is so important. We are very excited to announce our new Integration Zone partner: NoiseAware.

We are particularly excited because Hostfully is the first property management platform to have a technical integration with NoiseAware!

🔇 Integrate with NoiseAware

Founded in 2015, NoiseAware is the leading property monitoring service that increases profits by decreasing problems. NoiseAware uses innovative smart sensors with 🔊 noise detection technology to notify guests and managers stopping parties and problems before they start.

NoiseAware is the first and only privacy safe noise monitoring solution built for properties—inside and out. Each rental is different and what is considered “loud“ is defined by multiple factors including location, neighbor sensitivity, and durability of rental. Often even if others can not hear the noise, knowing there is a loud party in progress can save owners thousands of dollars 💲💲💲 in damages. NoiseAware sends real-time alerts to your phone when the levels are getting risky, offering proactivity against any form of escalation.

Properties remain rental ready, avoiding unexpected costs, and customers’ reputations among communities and cities stay strong. This is more important than ever during the COVID time we find ourselves.

🔊 Why NoiseAware

With the Hostfully-NoiseAware integration vacation rental managers can feed guest reservation and contact information so NoiseAware’s NightAgent reps can directly reach out to the guest if there is a noise event. Other reasons to consider NoiseAware include:

🏡 Property Protection: Quickly prevent what you can’t predict at all of your properties
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Reputation Management: Improve community relations and perception through issue prevention
👷‍♀️👷‍♂️Team Efficiency: Save time to put towards things that actually bring you revenue

Introducing NightAgent: NoiseAware also offers NightAgent, an overnight guest messaging service that allows you to resolve noise issues immediately. With NightAgent, you have a team of live agents monitoring your NoiseAware alerts 365 days of the year! NightAgents can take immediate action on any disturbance before it becomes a problem.

NightAgent is typically $5/month per property, but for a limited time, Hostfully customers can get the same service for $1/month per property!

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