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Sharing comfort with doggies in Sacramento, California – Hostfully Host Spotlight: Julie Mattox

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Sacramento is a city of culture and enjoys a mediterranean climate. With just those two facts, you’d think that the city attracts a lot of tourism, and you’d be right. Sacramento has a prolific amount of museums, both free and paid entry, for history, arts, and other exciting things.

Incorporated in 1850, this relatively young city didn’t take its time attracting people of all sorts of cultural backgrounds, and in 2002 it was named “America’s Most Diverse City” by Time magazine.

Now it is home to almost half a million people, and one of them is Julie Mattox.

Who is Julie Mattox?

Julie Mattox is an Airbnb host, a civil engineer, a proud dog owner, and a happy dog sitter. Julie started hosting after finishing an expansion construction project on her house, and found herself with an empty master bedroom. “I started hosting because we have a nice guest room, and because I wanted to earn some passive income,” Julie said.

Julie does her civil engineering job outside of the home, and runs a dog sitting business at home. “One pays the mortgage and the other fills my soul with happiness,” she says. If she was worried about renting the room with so many dogs in the house, those worries completely disappeared when guests started booking.

“You would think that all the dogs would keep people from wanting to rent, but instead people who love dogs seem to love staying with us.”

Julie tells a story of one of her former long term guests, Aaron. “Aaron stayed with us for 2 months. My dog, Peanut, fell head or heels in love with him. Whenever Aaron came home Peanut would go nuts and shake like he was having a seizure. Aaron knew how much Peanut would miss him when he left, so after being gone a week he came back and spent time with Peanut.” Amazing!

And the trend continued. Julie says she has had “many good guests like Aaron grace us for a few nights to a month or more.”

Julie is also actively working on bettering herself. “I belong to Toastmasters which has helped me improve my public speaking ability. My husband is in construction and his favorite pastime is hosting parties for friends.” That does sound like an awesome hobby!

Sacramento, California

Julie loves living in Sacramento. She believes anyone can find something interesting to do there. It’s good if you’re an outdoorsy person, because “it has 2 large rivers running through it that make for good fishing,” she says. It is also home to many parks, including the William Land Park, and some bike trails, like the American River bicycle trail which extends throughout the city.

If you’re looking to expand your cultural horizons, Julie recommends the ever growing art, culture, and history scene.

“We have great museums and a delightful art scene. The California State Fair is here in August, and Old Sacramento is a fun place to visit and relive the Gold Rush era.”

And if you’re into traveling around, Sacramento’s got you covered as well. “Sacramento is also halfway between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, so if these are on your to do list, Sacramento is a good home base,” Julie said.

Hosting tips from Julie

Julie believes in starting slow and building up. “Don’t try to be the greatest host right out of the gate. We started small and kept our price low accordingly.”

It’s important to make people feel comfortable, Julie says. “Make sure you show people where things are and how to work the shower. It’s the simple things that can make or break a person’s stay.”

Julie also suggests upgrading the space you’re renting out. “We re-invested the money we earned back into the room. Upgrading the room with a large TV, Apple Box, mini fridge, etc.”

Julie Recommends

1. Old Sacramento


River boats to railroads excursions. Horse drawn carriages and riverside bike treks, all located along the beautiful Sacramento River.

2. The California Museum

The California Museum is home of the California Hall of Fame and you’ll find a lot there about California’s rich history, its diversity and its unique influence on the world of ideas, innovation, art and culture.

3. Crocker Art Museum

Source: Crocker Art Museum

Julie’s favorite local art museum. Experience the world’s foremost display of California art, European master drawings, and international ceramics.

4. Ancil Hoffman Golf Course

This golf course that was established in 1965 promises challenge, playability & beauty.

5. William Pond Park

Have picnics, fish, or simply walk around and enjoy nature in this gorgeous park.