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The smart entertainment technology changing homes for the better

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Dakota Murphey has experience in property management with her portfolio of properties expanding in the South of England. Her passion for renovation and home improvement projects is shared through her writing to help educate and inspire others.


Smart home technology is becoming commonplace. The demand for smart technology in homes is growing now more than ever. With homes being adorned with everything from intelligent fridges and internet-connected thermostats to integrated security systems and video intercoms, there’s no shortage of gadgets finding ways to make our lives easier. But one area where there seems to be a truly huge variety of options available is home entertainment.

If you are coming to make decisions about which kinds of smart entertainment technology you want to have installed you will naturally want to choose the options that you are going to get the most benefits from. Here we take a look at some of the most popular forms of smart entertainment for your home to see which might be perfect for you.

Multi-room video

It was once the case that watching TV and movies was confined largely to one room. But with the growing popularity of online streaming services as well as a range of different options for viewing on iPads and phones, smart technology has to be integrated to make it easier to enjoy TV and video throughout the house. 

Whether you like to catch up on the news while making dinner in your kitchen or relax in the bath with a film on, multi room video systems allow you to run all of your media sources from a central location so that you can use them on any screen in the house.  

Smart speakers

If you are a music fan you will love the addition of smart speakers to your property. This can either be installed as a one-off device or as a large multi-room audio system with speakers placed in discreet locations throughout the house. The speakers can then be operated through an app on your smartphone or tablet.

If you are interested in wireless speakers some fantastic options include the discreet Sonos One and the far less discreet Ultimate Ears Roll 2. They can make a great addition to your home especially if you enjoy throwing parties.

Amazon Echo

Perhaps the most iconic ‘smart speaker’, the Amazon Echo deserves a category of its own as it offers a lot more than just easy playing of music and other audio. You use voice commands to control the Echo, which goes under the name ‘Alexa’ and while Alexa will be happy to play your favourite playlist from Spotify, it can do a huge variety of other things too.

The Echo can be integrated with other smart features in your home such as the lighting and the thermostat so that these can be controlled with voice commands. It can also keep you up-to-date with the news, tell you a joke and make calls to landline phones – and much more.

Universal remote applications

Remote controls remain the bane of life for many homeowners. So easily misplaced and forever running low on battery, it is good news that there is now a far more effective solution. It’s possible to download apps for your phone that allow you to control all of the smart devices in your home from one place.

The SURE Universal Smart TV remote is one option that allows you to control everything from TVs and DVD players to air conditioning units and projectors. Missing remotes cause annoyance and stress and this is a great way to cut out the problem.

Smart lighting

Lighting in itself can’t constitute entertainment – but having high quality smart lighting can revolutionize the way that you host guests and make a big difference to your life. The right lighting changes the mood of a room, so whether you are hosting a party or just having some friends over to watch a movie, you can choose lighting that suits the moment.

Smart lighting can be controlled through your phone or even in connection with a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo as mentioned above.