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New: Your Guidebook Now Includes Sponsored Recommendations from Viator

By October 22, 2019 October 24th, 2019 No Comments

💖New Sponsored Recommendations in your Guidebooks

Hostfully is excited to announce that we have partnered with Viator—owned by Tripadvisor—to bring their rich database of over 200,000 sponsored recommendations to your Guidebooks.

Viator makes it simple for travelers to find exactly what they want to do, and now your guests can easily discover and book their incredible experiences directly in a Guidebook.

With these new recommendations, your guests can skip long lines and sold-out signs, and experience expertly sourced local activities in your area. These recommendations will appear in the “Attractions” and “Activities” tabs on your Guidebooks automatically if there are any within 25 miles of your location:

By default, 18 of these recommendations will appear in and among your own recommendations. Guests will be able to purchase tickets for these tours and activities in the area through Viator.

Adjusting Sponsored Recommendation Settings—for Power Host and up
We recognize that some hosts may want to remove these custom recommendations. Paid Guidebook users can disable and adjust these sponsored recommendations through the following steps:

  1. Click the “Themes” link in the main navigation of your host interface (this section is only available to paid users)
  2. Create a new theme or edit an existing theme from the list
  3. Name the theme so you can reference it later in your guidebooks
  4. Scroll down to the section labeled “Are there any other settings you wish to change?”
  5. In this section, there will be a dropdown box labeled “Sponsored Recommendations to show” with options for 24, 18, 12, 6, 4, 2, and NONE
  6. Choose which Guidebooks to apply this theme to in the section labeled “Which templates or guidebooks should this card appear on?”
  7. Save the theme card.

We hope you enjoy access to Viator’s hundreds of thousands of recommendations, and as always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback by responding to this email.

Happy hosting!