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🏡 Syncing calendars for homes or sub-units, system templates, and iCals

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🏡 Home and sub-unit calendars, system templates, and iCals sync


  • Automating calendar updates between a house and its units that are being rented separately
  • Explaination of Hostfully’s system templates and their trigger points
  • How to automatically synchronize calendars with iCals

Why it matters to property managers


Imagine you have a house with two separate units inside—not an unusual situation for property managers. Guests can rent the whole house, or just one of the units.

In the case where you get a booking for the whole house, Hostfully will automatically block the sub-units on your calendar. This applies to bookings coming from any platform. The created blocks for the sub-units will be automatically populated to all the channels where the units are listed.

Where just one of the two units is rented, Hostfully will automatically block the house from being rented as a whole, but will keep other units bookable across all your calendars.

Check out our tutorial to learn more about creating sub-units and linking homes and units.


System templates are those that are created automatically by the Hostfully platform and require some—or no—input from the manager. For instance, when you want to send a quote, much of the information is populated by the system, but requires managers to initiate the action.

An example of an automated system template includes a hold reminder. This is a message to a prospective guest reminding them that a property has been put on hold and if their hold is expiring soon. This message is ONLY sent if a Hold was ever made on the property and is automatically sent 6 hours before the expiration. Removal or expiration of the hold will automatically revoke the calendar block for the booking dates.

Learn more about system template scenarios and how they may be able to improve and automate your processes.


There are three important reasons for property managers to use iCals:

First, you currently list properties on multiple channels and intend to connect through a full API sync. Some API connections setups take minutes while others take hours or days. This is due to each channel (Airbnb, HomeAway, etc) all designing their APIs differently. Importing/exporting iCals serves as protection from double-bookings before completing a full sync.

Second, you don’t meet the minimum number of listings required by HomeAway/Vrbo (five) and TripAdvisor (twenty-five) to connect through a full API sync. iCals enables you to list properties, sync calendars, and receive bookings through these channels.

Thirdly, you want to import existing reservations into your Hostfully calendar. Airbnb is the only channel that allows Hostfully to pull in existing reservations when connected through the full API sync. The other channels will only bring in new reservations moving forward. In order to import existing reservations from another channel you can do a one-time iCal import.

If one of these scenarios applies to you, or you want to learn more about the iCals sync process, please check out our tutorial.