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Funniest Guest Complaints and Incidents

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Working in the vacation rental industry, we interact with customers on a daily basis. In fact, guest communications are among the top priorities for vacation rental management companies. It can be the difference between a business thriving or failing.

But, every once in a while we get thrown a curveball. You know, that customer who just can’t be pleased, or the guest with an outrageous complaint or demand. Today, we compiled some of the funniest guest complaints from around the world for your reading pleasure.

I live in Toronto, Canada. So to be fair, if you plopped me into downtown Manhattan, I would likely still need directions to Times Square. I might even think that the celebrity on the street was “an old friend from college who I can’t quite remember…” No judgement here, our purpose in compiling this list is sheer amusement.

Complaint #1 – Geraldine from Follow The Camino, Spain

Follow The Camino is a walking holiday specialist company.  In particular they operate the Camino de Santiago which is a famous pilgrimage through Spain.

Guest complaint: “there was an awful lot of walking”

Funny Request #2 – Gail from Montana Bear Properties, USA

A guest called Gail one day to report a grizzly bear was outside at our fire pit, going from one Adirondack chair to the next. The bear was picking up the cushion in his mouth and shaking his head from side to side, just like a dog would do with a toy.

The guest called Gail, “Do you want me to go out and chase the bear away?”

Gail’s response: “I’ll have to check our insurance policy but…NO!!!!”

The guest again called an hour later to tell Gail that the bear had left, but had taken one of the chair cushions with him.

“Would you like me to send my grandson up the trail after the bear to go retrieve the cushion?” The guest asked Gail.

Gail’s response: “That depends on how much you love your grandson!”

Well done Gail!

Noise Complaint #3 – David from Playa Viva, Mexico

Playa Viva is an oceanfront eco-luxury boutique hotel. Often, guests worry that they might not get an oceanview, or be close enough to the water.

Except for one angry traveler who really stood out: “The ocean was too loud!”

Complaint #4 – Nathan from Foodie Flashpacker, World Traveler

A recent customer of Foodie Flashpacker demanded a discount or refund because the hotel had “falsely advertised how close the hotel was to the beach.”

Following a brief science lesson on the rise and fall of ocean levels due to gravity, the guest finally reneged on their complaint – they had measured the distance during low tide.  

Funny Request #5 – Bruce former Employee at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

This one requires almost no setup…

“What time does the midnight show start?”

Complaint #6 – Rhys from Tenby, Wales

As this year’s summer season began, one of the guests at the hotel came back from a day at the beach with an angry look on their face.

“Is everything OK, Sir?” The hotel staff queried.

“I’d like to lodge a complaint with your manager – the beach is too long, and I believe that a refund is in order.”

Complaint #7 – Jenni from Travel to Recovery, Focus on Accessible Travel

“Once when I was on a cruise, a lady told me there was too much water in the pool.”

Complaint #8 – Steve from Enjoy Car Hire, United Kingdom

Although not a hospitality industry story, we felt like this next complaint was too good to pass up. We’ll let Steve tell the story of an exchange with a car renter.

“A customer was upgraded from a smaller car to a bigger car free of charge, when he returned the car there was a stone chip on the top of the windshield. He complained that if he was given the smaller car the stone would of flown straight over the car and that he shouldn’t pay for the damage.”

Request #9 – Shelley from 9 Cranes Inn, Seattle

“One guest wanted me to turn off the wi-fi router for a few hours per night so that she could sleep…she said that it interfered with her brain waves.”

Incident #10 – Kimberly from AvenueWest Corporate Housing, USA

A woman was traveling with her cat and staying in a furnished rental with AvenueWest. The homeowner and the tenant approved some wall repairs during the day while the tenant was out on the town.

The woman came home and said, “where is my cat?”

After a quick search, the cat couldn’t be found…

Then they discovered some noises coming from behind the wall!

The cat had been accidentally drywalled into the wall!

Don’t worry, the cat was fine in the end.