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The Power of property operations software

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The power of property operations software

Ben Firn is the Director of Marketing at Breezeway, a property operations and messaging platform that helps vacation rental managers automate the messiness of coordinating cleans, inspections, and maintenance jobs. Ben’s background is rooted in strategy and analytics, and he’s helping scale data-driven software for the future of property management. A dual U.S. and New Zealand citizen, Ben is a keen traveler and fitness enthusiast.


Ten years ago, property managers could use all-in-software to run every aspect of their business. This made sense when properties weren’t as unique, expectations for cleanliness and service were lower, and competition wasn’t as fierce. 

Nowadays, the rental landscape calls for a different strategy. Managing vacation property requires juggling several unique properties, guests, and quick turnovers. Most managers are now leaning on multiple platforms to run their business. These include a channel manager to distribute inventory via OTAs, a PMS system to accommodate reservations and track accounting, and other tools for coordinating property care

Still, the job of managing property has never been more complicated. The lack of automation is slowing the growth of over 35% of property managers (AppFolio’s 2019 Report). To ease the operational burden, managers are supplementing their PMS system with Property Operations Software to more easily “wow” their guests.

So, what exactly does Property Operations Software have to offer? 

Trade outdated processes for smarter task management

Many managers are still manually coordinating property care. Whether it’s through excel spreadsheets, paper checklists, or phone/text/email, managers spend hours every week trudging through the murky waters of operations management.

Property operations technology can automatically sync guest and reservation data from your PMS system, which makes it easy to coordinate cleans, inspections and maintenance. With tools that automate the flow of scheduling and assignments and monitor property-readiness in real-time, managers are eliminating duplicative work and are saving thousands of dollars in labor and maintenance costs.

Ensure quality rentals through detailed brand standards

By customizing mobile checklists at each property, managers become prescriptive about the work they assign to their field staff. This approach allows flexibility to deliver property care programs tailored to the specific characteristics of each unit (e.g. your housekeeping program for a four-bedroom beach house with a pool and hot tub requires more attention than of a one-bedroom loft on the more urban side of town).

Dynamic checklists put managers in control by requiring staff to upload proof of their work. This ensures every rental aligns with the company’s overall standards (e.g. how the towels are folded or the way pillows are positioned on the bed). These details combine to curate a better brand experience and drive more repeat business. 

Leverage data to drive efficiencies and keep owners happy

Without an operations platform it’s difficult to collect, manage, and disperse property data among your team. This creates a back-and-forth game of telephone between internal staff and vendors, and delays the time it takes to prepare a property for check-in or resolve an in-house guest issue. 

Property operations software gives managers the tools they need to solve these problems by leveraging rich property data. Managers can also share real-time reports to showcase their full value to each owner. These reports instill trust that the property is in good hands, allow managers to monetize more of their services by documenting every job, and facilitate transparency between managers and owners.


Automating property care and driving predictive tasks is the future of how managers will operate. These efficiencies will enable managers to more easily maintain high-quality rentals and deliver customized guest service. 

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