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💌 The NEW Hostfully Unified Inbox

By June 24, 2019 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

💌 The NEW Hostfully Unified Inbox


  • Announcing the NEW Hostfully Unified Inbox that allows managers to communicate with guests from one place
  • Supports the Airbnb,, and Hostfully channels, with more to come

Why it matters to property managers


Free up your and your team’s time with the Hostfully Property Management Platform’s new Unified Inbox. This tool centralizes guest communication, which we know can make or break the guest experience.

The Unified Inbox is optimized for teams and allows multiple users to participate in any conversation with guests, across the supported Airbnb and Hostfully channels. The Inbox is also available for use through the Hostfully Booking Widget.

HOW IT WORKS — To access the Unified Inbox, click the “Inbox” top menu link and your messages will be automatically displayed, starting with the most recent. You can identify the channel source of each thread with the channel icon on the right.

For messages related to an Airbnb booking, response messages will be sent directly to the guest’s Airbnb account. For messages related to Hostfully bookings or inquiries, response messages will be sent directly to the guest’s email.

What’s next? Our Unified Inbox 3.0 is already underway, and will feature more channels, the ability to use templates, and a few extra surprises!