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Upsell services, custom checkout items, and embed videos

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Learn how you can use Hostfully’s Guidebook Platform to:

  • Upsell services on the new Guidebooks Marketplace
  • Add custom checkout items in your Checkout section
  • Create and benefit from Custom Categories
  • Add a video to Guidebook Cards

Let’s get started!


The new Marketplace is an optional tab on your guidebook where you can sell additional services or items to your guests to earn additional revenue. Common offers include mid-stay cleaning and late check-out, but you can also sell additional amenities and local rentals.

The Marketplace gives vacation rental owners the option to earn additional revenue directly within their Guidebooks. To set up your marketplace, you’ll need to:

  1. Setup your Marketplace Company
  2. Setup your default Marketplace Provider
  3. Activate your Stripe account

The Marketplace Company is the entity that will receive payments for any services or items. The Service Provider is the specific person or group that provides the service.

Note: Before beginning, keep in mind the Marketplace only works with a published Guidebook and requires a Power Host or higher subscription.

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You spoke and we listened! Hostfully Guidebooks now allow you to add custom items to the checkout card on your guidebook.

When creating or editing a checkout card, you will now see a section under the list of pre-generated checkout options and checkboxes labeled “Custom Checkout Items”.

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Did you know that you can create Custom Categories for your guidebook? Custom Categories allow you to take personalization to the next level and create recommendation categories tailored to your guests’ specific interests as well as activities specific to your location.

Watch Video.


It’s easy to add videos to you Guidebook cards, yet many vacation rental owners forget this important feature. You can enhance your guidebook with videos, here’s how:

  1. Create a new house manual card or edit an existing one.
  2. Choose the “Video” template when choosing a template for your card.
  3. Copy the video Embed link (not the basic video link) and paste it in the field labeled “Video embed code”.
  4. Fill in any other required fields and save your house manual card.

Note: You can find the Embed link on YouTube by clicking “Share” and then finding the “Embed” section. For YouTube the URL will include the word “embed” in it (eg. “”) and for Vimeo it will include the words “player” and “video” (eg. “”).

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