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10 reasons to use voice technology in your vacation rentals

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why use voice technology in your vacation rentals

Dana Young is the Founder of Virtual Concierge Service (VCS), a customized virtual concierge service for vacation rentals and hotels. Dana is passionate about helping vacation rental managers deliver awesome guest experiences with voice technology.

As a vacation rental manager, you may have begun exploring the use of voice technology at your properties. We’ve had many VR pros reach out and ask, “What can I gain from adding Alexa or Google Assistant to my vacation rental?”. The answer is: More all the time. Let’s explore what the value proposition is today…

1. Make music available to guests by just saying what they want 

Allow your guests to listen to any song in the world. They can simply ask for music with their voice – no remotes, knobs, buttons or menus. 

2. Deliver your own custom answers to guest’s questions

Vacation rental owners and managers have insight and knowledge about the local area that can make a big difference to the guest experience. This is nothing new – for years we have had a welcome binder with information for guests. With a voice assistant, guests can get that same kind of personalized information delivered in a way that is like having a real concierge right at your vacation rental. 

Guests can just speak a question, and get it answered. Your customized content is delivered in a conversational interface. It can include specifics on your VR property itself, as well as information about the local area – places to go, things to do and events to attend. 

3. Automatically remind guests what to do on departure day

On the day of departure, your guests will be proactively notified about things to do before they check-out. The voice assistant device will chime and the light indicator will pulse yellow. When guests say “What is my notification?”, they will hear the custom content you create about what to do before they leave.

4. Be notified immediately as soon as guests leave

When guests say, “We’re checking out”, you will receive immediate notification. This can potentially allow you to send the cleaning crew in early.

5. Get timely feedback from guests about their stay

When guests check-out, they will be asked if they are willing to provide feedback on their stay via 3 quick questions. This will take them less than 20 seconds. There is no app, tablet, texting or phone call required. As the host, you receive that feedback immediately via email.

6. Control your smart home with voice

Smart homes are great, but they can be complicated. With voice technology, guests don’t need to understand technology or the nuance of how each house is set up. They just ask to “turn on the outside lights” or “turn up the heat”. You can also get rid of all the TV remote controls that most homeowners provide. 

7. Provide background noise for guests to sleep better

A voice assistant can play ambient sounds to help your guests sleep peacefully or block out unwanted noise. With over 125 high quality sounds to choose from, guests will be able to sleep better, relax quickly, or get their baby to go to sleep faster.

8. Make fun group games available

Helping your guests spend quality time together and building great memories is one of the most important things you can do to enhance their vacation experience. Games have always been a wonderful way to connect people, and make them laugh. Voice assistants provide games with no pieces to lose because the games are all verbal. There are many available. Examples include ‘name that tune’ and ‘jeopardy’.

9. Provide a way for guests to contact you with only their voice

You can provide your guests with the ability to contact you regarding specific issues that you define. For example, requesting late checkout, reporting damage, ideas for improvements, questions about the house, or anything else you would like to specify. Guests can say “contact the host” to initiate contact. They can then pick from the list of things to contact you about. You will then receive either an email or a text message with the request.

10. Get value when your property is vacant

Alexa Guard is available for the family of Echo devices at no cost. You can get alerts sent to your phone if Alexa detects the sound of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, or glass breaking when your property is vacant. Guard also works with connected smart lights to make it look like someone’s home, and integrates with security systems from Ring and ADT. 


With practical applications of voice technology in your vacation rental properties, the time is right to leverage it. For help getting started, contact us at, or visit us online at