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⛅ Weather widget, Custom Categories, and direct URLs

By May 22, 2019 June 13th, 2019 No Comments

This week we will show those using Hostfully’s Guidebooks Platform how to:

  • Display the new weather widget in your guidebook
  • Create a custom category to take personalization to the next level
  • Send guests a direct URL to a specific recommendation category

Before we start, did you hear that Hostfully was recently featured in Travel Weekly? The article discusses our move to improve voice tech capabilities in the Guidebooks Platform through our partnership with Virtual Concierge Service.


To continually keep your guests up-to-date, you can now automatically display local weather within your arrival section.

We must admit, there was a 🔥HEATED🔥 debate among the Hostfully Team—Celsius versus Fahrenheit—with the Canadian and European teammates facing off again their American peers (who admitted that the metric system probably makes more sense).

In the end, it was a perfect storm of awkward puns, and professional unpleasantries. Finally, a compromise was reached, and the solution peeked through the clouds….

  • U.S. will auto display Fahrenheit and mph for wind
  • U.K.: Celsius and mph
  • Canada: Celsius and km/h
  • All other: Celsius and mph

To enable or disable the weather display on your arrival card, navigate to your “Theme,” and “Edit Theme” to toggle the weather feature on or off.


Did you know that you can create a Custom Category for your guidebook? Customize the name, color, and decide which recommendation goes into this custom category, helping you personalize and brand your Guidebooks.

Note: Custom Categories are only available for Power Host users and above.

Steps to create a custom category within your guidebook:

Step 1: On the left menu, select “Categories” and create a custom category by clicking the “+” at the top or bottom right.

Step 2: Name your category, use the filter to find an icon to select, and use the slider to select a color for the icon of your new category.

Step 3: If you have new or existing recommendations to link to your new category, you can now do that by accessing your recommendations and creating new ones, or editing them.

Step 4: In the section called “Are there any settings you need to change?” you can link this card to your new category.

Step 5: Save your card!

Note: If you need to rearrange the order of your categories, activate the feature by clicking on the circled icon “≡” at the top right.


Did you know that you can send a direct URL to each recommendation or card in your guidebook?

Instead of sending the main URL and then explaining how to navigate to certain sections of your guidebook, you can send your guests a direct link to a specific recommendation or category.

How to do this: Navigate to the specific location in your guidebook—a specific recommendation for instance—and copy the unique URL in your web browser. If you discuss certain activities in a welcome email these links are helpful, or if a guest has a question where the answer is contained in your guidebook, you can send them a direct link.