COVID-19 and Vacation Rentals: Resources for Managers

With things changing on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep track of all the important information available to short-term rental professionals. Hostfully has compiled critical resources – both ones we have created and from around the internet. Stay tuned, as we will update this page regularly.

Help Your Local Community with a Free Guidebook

Help yourself, your community, and your neighborhood keep track of critical COVID-19 information and resources by using a Guidebook. Here are some examples of resources others have created:

Resources from Hostfully on Managing through COVID-19

COVID-19 Guest Experience Guidebooks
Eliminate in-person meetings with guests [+save time and money]
COVID-19 Marketing
Getting creative: Rental property success during COVID-19
COVID-19 Thought Leadership
Cancellations are up 500%: How bad is it for vacation rentals?
COVID-19 Airbnb
Airbnb`s COVID-19 cancellation policy: An ethical analysis
COVID-19 Guest Experience
Health amenities and services to boost the guest experience
COVID-19 Property Management
7 tips for attracting domestic travelers to your vacation rental
COVID-19 News Thought Leadership
2008 vs 2020: The hospitality industry during downturns
COVID-19 News Thought Leadership
COVID-19 and vacation rentals: What you can do
COVID-19 Property Management
10 ways vacation rental managers can cut down on expenses