Google Maps + Photos

Leverage the best maps and content and make it your own.

Use Google Maps to help guests reach your location

The Hostfully Guidebook Platform uses the world’s most accurate maps to pinpoint all locations — for your properties and your local recommendations. We also give you flexibility to enter custom locations that may not be found with a common address.

Google Photos integration for high quality, free, crowdsourced photos

It takes only 5 seconds to create a new recommendation. (It’s true! Time yourself!) Start typing the name of your local restaurant, and you immediately be served the official name and address. Pull in beautiful photos that have been crowdsourced and are free for you to use.

Our powerful Google Places API integration ensures that you don’t waste time writing what’s already available. Ensure accuracy and professionalism by using verified content. Best of all, you’ll free up energy to add a personal touch.

Mapping functionality in every guidebook:

  • Map showing the address and location of the property
  • Map shows local recommendations in relation to property
  • Smart maps that show locations depending on app navigation
  • Ability to enter in custom locations by latitude and longitude

Stay up to date with Google Places verified content

Did you know that Google Places also helps you build local recommendations?

With our direct integration you’ll get a short description, an accurate website link for the local business, and the convenience of showing opening hours. This gives you a great starting point for building valuable local recommendations for your guests.