Content Management at Scale

Built for growing vacation rental companies

The Hostfully guidebook platform keeps track of all the details you need to share with guests

It’s easy to create recommendations, copy guidebooks, and even create templates for certain regions or types of properties.

Homed by feedback from thousands of property managers, we’ve built the world’s most streamlined system for managing guest content associated with your properties.

The Hostfully guidebook content management includes:

  • Full search capabilities in the admin tool, so you can easily pull up a guidebook by property or location, or even search for an update an existing recommendation
  • Best practice language that you can use for common messages about check in, check out, laundry and trash
  • Template system so that you can easily create a new guidebook and pull in important information without the hassle
  • Dedicated sections to organize your thinking and make it easier for your guests to get what they need without asking you for help

A typical guidebook includes the following sections:

  • Check in
  • Check out
  • Property information
  • Recommendations (broken down by category)

Content management that’s flexible.

The Hostfully guidebook platform helps with unique needs of your business

We know that the devil’s in the details when it comes to guest communications. That’s why we give you complete control over your content.

With the guidebook platform you can reorder what item comes first, make updates to one recommendation across hundreds of guidebooks at once, and pinpoint non-Google-map-friendly locations.

Recommendation Builder

At the core of Hostfully guidebooks is our recommendations builder. We issued a challenge – to create a recommendation in just 5 seconds – and met it with our software. Many property managers have expected to spend hundreds of hours building their guidebooks, eventually to learn that they could do it in substantially less time.

The Hostfully recommendations builder includes:

  • Google-suggested locations depending on proximity of the property
  • Integration with Google maps
  • Automatically offering internet-generated photos
  • Support for videos, rich text, and more
  • Plenty of areas to get creative within the recommendation
  • Ability to tailor and create recommendations in 8 different languages