Intelligent guest screening from Safely!


SafelyScreen, Safely’s intelligent guest screening service, includes verifying guest identity by inspecting the driver's license or passport, as well as checking sex offender registries in all 50 states.

Promotion Summary

SafelyScreen is FREE for all property managers who work with Hostfully and who are wanting to verify guest information prior to a booked stay. All that is needed from the property manager is the guest’s name and email. The guest then enters their legal name, full address, and date of birth along with a picture of their government ID and a quick selfie.


None. All Hostfully customers are welcome to take advantage of this discount.

Terms and Conditions

Property managers must remain an active Hostfully client.

How to Sign Up

  1. Property managers may sign up for SafelyScreen through this link.
  2. Safely will contact the property manager to enroll them in the program, including connecting their account.
  3. Property managers can then begin screening their guests.