Analytics and Reporting

Metrics that help you run your business, at your fingertips.

Stop flying blind

Without a clear view into your business, you can’t make good decisions. You won’t know your true performance or areas you should fix. Results will come as a a surprise. And worse yet, you might be wasting time on the things that aren’t important.

Analytics that put you in the driver's seat

With Analytics and Reporting, you can gain better visibility into your business. Know what areas are working and what aren’t. Be able to compare your performance against industry standards. Make sure no quarter’s results come as a surprise.

See which properties are performing best and which ones need more attention. Compare lead conversions across your team. Check occupancy rate and drill down by property. Make sure your leads aren’t sitting there untouched.

Metrics you can measure:

  • Conversion rate
  • Net bookings revenue
  • Leads by company and by agent
  • Per property performance
  • Occupancy rate by property

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