Central Calendar

One central reservations calendar to rule them all.

A single calendar that's always up to date

Whether it’s searching for availability, collaborating with owners, or checking pricing, you need one calendar that your team uses to run your business.

Prevent customers from walking away

When you can’t see a consolidated calendar and suggest the next best property, you could miss winning a potential customer. Gain all the information you need at your finger tips and be ready. The central calendar gives your team a single view of all your properties. Sort by location, type, or size.

Ready to place a hold or booking without schedule conflicts. Ready to suggest a great alternative if the desired property isn’t available. Ready to search efficiently and provide the high level of service your customers expect.

Check availability, hold dates, see where bookings originated, and use custom filters to easily find alternative options for potential guests. 

From the central calendar, you can:

  • View all reservations, color-coded by booking platform
  • Place a hold on a property
  • Collaborate with owners to avoid overlaps
  • Filter by location or property type to find alternative options for guests
  • See occupancy levels at a glance

Collaborating with Owners on availability? No problem.

Solve the problem of collaborating with owners on availability and calendar holds. Your up-to-date calendar will ensure that your team has a clear view of all the inventory that’s available.

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