Customer Management

Keep track of every guest who has booked or stayed with you, so you can win them back.

Why make your customers swim upstream?

Your customers are renewable resource in your business. But most property managers do a poor job leveraging their customer base to win more direct and repeat bookings. That’s because customer data is untracked, unreachable, and unusable.

Treat every former customer with care

What if it was easy to reach former customers and market to them? What if you could find a previous customer and rebook them instantly?

With the Hostfully Property Management Platform you can search for customers in just a few clicks, and rebook in 10 seconds. We arm with customer data you need for remarketing campaigns. This helps you increase your share of direct bookings and build customer loyalty.

Customer data management helps you:

  • Track all customers who have booked with you
  • Rebook customers in just a few clicks
  • Capture email addresses for all guests (not just the one who booked with you)
  • Run re-marketing campaigns
  • Help you generate demand during low-season

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