Pipeline Management

All the right actions in one pipeline dashboard.

Never miss another booking

How do you know your bookings aren’t falling through the
cracks? Where do you gain a bird’s-eye view of your
booking pipeline? What are the best next steps? Who is
going to make sure they happen? And how many clicks
does it take?

Smart actions prompt the right response

Whether it’s nudging a potential customer with an email,
changing the quote, or adding extra services, the pipeline is
your go-to spot to see bookings status. Track where they
come from and streamline your process to close with
carefully selected in-context actions.

Accelerate your bookings flow:

  • Send a quote
  • Close a lead
  • Place a hold on the property (and send it to
    the owner)
  • Request or record a payment
  • Send check-in instructions
  • Cancel a booking

The story

The Hostfully Property Management Platform has been developed by real property management companies just like you.

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies to make sure that the pipeline shows the important data you need to run your business. Within the pipeline, the next logical step is built-in, and considered depending on the stage of the booking process. We work with customers to make sure the most useful options are there in just a click.

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