Pricing Management

Flexible pricing tools to optimize revenue.

Pricing mishaps can reduce revenue by 20%

When properties are underpriced, you’re leaving hard-won revenue on the table. This missed opportunity can result in a dramatic impact on overall bookings revenue. Rigid pricing tactics put property management companies at risk because they don’t adjust for changes in seasonality, demand, and competition. 

Optimize revenue with configurable pricing tools

Considering your pricing strategy according to booking channel is important. That’s because each platform has a different set of policies and a unique fee structure.

With the Hostfully Property Management Platform, you’ll configure pricing the way you want it. Set a discount for weekly bookings, adjust prices by channel to make up for lost fees, and get instant visibility into price points in a unified calendar. Ensure that you have total control over your pricing and flexibility to adjust prices how you see fit.

Pricing tools help you:

  • Setup discount rates based on specific criteria
  • Adjust prices by bookings platform to make up for lost fees
  • Visibility into pricing in a unified calendar view
  • Give case-by-case discounts to win more direct bookings

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