Short term rental regulation (7.2) is being given short term priority with Planning and Zoning departments to create land use, building and other ordinances that balance preservation of long term housing with the evolving needs of owners in the local community.

Burlington has been experiencing a major housing crisis due to strict regulations over the addition of new housing. This has resulted in driving rent prices high and affordable housing is now out of reach for most community members. Because of the shortage of long term living options, short term rental regulation is a hot topic in this and the surrounding communities. The Mayor’s office will be hosting a Burlington Housing Summit this summer.

During this summit, community members and business owners will be offered the opportunity to speak their opinion over several hot topics, including short term rental regulation. Burlington is poised to take action to remedy the housing crisis and they are calling on the community to help them better understand the current needs of its citizens, to make more informed decisions as it relates to short term rental regulation and other matters.