Hostfully's 2021 Hospitality Report

Trends and Software in Short-Term and Vacation Rental Management

This report provides unique insights into current vacation rental trends, the tech tools successful management companies use, and how the industry is adjusting to growing guest expectations.

Download your report today to see how others are adjusting their processes and the software they are buying to respond to changing trends in hospitality.

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What's in this paper:

Market overview and challenges in vacation rental management

The short-term and vacation rental industries remained dynamic despite the challenges of 2021. Hosts and managers continued to find creative ways to stay competitive and adjust their processes.

Our data revealed key trends that make it more likely a host or manager will experience growth. Find out what your competitors are likely to do and the technology software they will use in 2021 to expand their business. 

Software in short-term rental management

Short-term and vacation rental businesses rely on a series of processes to deliver hospitality services to guests. As companies grow, they rely on increasingly complex software and technology.

Find out which vacation rental software your competitors count on to manage reservations, assign tasks, set nightly rates and automate repetitive processes.

Tactics managers used in response to COVID-19

The pandemic changed how our industry operates in a profound way. Rising guest expectations, new standards for cleaning, and how hosts and managers interact with guests have shifted.

Our data shows how the industry responded, the software hosts and managers used to adjust to these trends, and how they are gearing up for a post-pandemic world.

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