Although tech-enabled hospitality companies are a new phenomenon over the past decade, their growth follows traditional business models. There are four critical business functions within any vacation rental management company—operations, marketing, sales, and guest management.

For vacation rental managers 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️, a question we often get is: How do you know which one of these business functions to focus on? And the answer was always: It depends…Until now! Hostfully has created a vacation rental business health check quiz 🏡 that, based on your answers, will give you the one component of your business you should focus most on over the next 12 months 📅: operations, marketing, sales, or guest management.

Within minutes you will have a customized and downloadable action plan for your vacation rentals to help grow 📈 your business, and ultimately revenue. If you have any questions about the quiz or would like to follow up, please contact—we love hearing from you!