Hostfully Video Tutorials

Here's how you create a custom template and trigger.
How to manage owner expenses and adjustments.
How to manage the owner agency commission rate.
How to turn on the sync with Airbnb.
How to block dates on the Calendar.
How to add an owner to a property.
Creating a custom category in your Guidebook
How to add additional languages to your Guidebook.
How to create a house manual card that links to an external site.
Restricting access to your Hostfully Guidebook with secure links.
Restricting Access to specific information on your Guidebook.
Using secure links to personalize your guidebook for each guest.
How to delete or deselect a Recommendation Card.
How to rearrange the tabs on your guidebook.
How to create new custom house manual categories.
How to create a recommendations-only version of your guidebook.