30 Airbnb Host Review Templates [+10 Creative Ones]

Jan 29 2022
leave an airbnb host review with a template

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What’s in this article?

As an Airbnb host, leaving a guest review is really important. It helps the host community sort great guests from less desirable ones. But most importantly, leaving Airbnb host reviews is one of the easiest things you can do to obtain Superhost status. Unfortunately, leaving a review is one of those time consuming tasks. This is where Airbnb host review templates come in.

Why use templates for your Airbnb host reviews?

Using templates to leave guest reviews will save you time. Instead of drafting a unique response after each stay, you can copy/paste from a template and move on with your other tasks. Ideally, your templates should be gender neutral. This will save you from having to edit pronouns and avoid a mistake that could offend your guest.

While it’s not necessary, your review of the guest should also include an offer to return to the property. You put all this effort in to secure the booking and provide a great experience, so why not try a last ditched effort to get repeat visitors?

Caution: Avoid leaving the same review over and over. Airbnb’s algorithm will pick it up, and it could eventually affect your Superhost status. With the power of automation and the right software, you can randomize the templates (see below).

How to automate templates (and avoid mistakes)

Copy/pasting is just the start. But if you really want to save time, consider automation Automating your host reviews will save you time, and will help bump up your property on the first page of Airbnb. Learn more about automating your reviews in this practical guide.

Download it now for free:

Learn how to automate your Airbnb host reviews

Tired of dropping what you’re doing just to review a guest? There’s a better way: automation. See how easy it is to automate Airbnb host reviews in this step-by-step guide.

With that said, let’s look at some of the most popular Airbnb host review templates:

Airbnb host review templates with no input variables

An input variable is data that your PMP pulls from an Airbnb reservation.

Since these review templates don’t use input variables, they can be used by any host or manager who copy/pastes reviews manually. It’ll be a less personable Airbnb review, but it’s great for hosts and managers who don’t use a PMP. Note that they’ll also work with a PMP that doesn’t support input variable fields:

  • What a great guest to host! So easy to communicate with, and left the place clean and tidy. Would recommend to any other host and would welcome back at the property any time.
  • We had such a great time hosting this guest. Everything went smooth, and left the place in good shape. Come back any time!
  • 5 star review! Quiet, respectful, clean, and organized. What more could a host hope for?
  • Wonderful guest that is super easy to host. Would have you back any time and would recommend to any other host.
  • Really nice guest. Kept the spot clean after check-out. Super friendly. Would recommend this guest to any host. Hope guest stays with us if back in town.
  • Guest was excellent and respected the space. Easy to communicate with. Left the place looking great. Recommend to any host.
  • Lovely to host such polite and friendly guest. Highly recommended and welcome to come back any day.
  • Great to host. Very independent, and most importantly, respected the place and left it clean. Would recommend to any host.
  • Such a great guest to host. Nothing negative to say. Left the place clean and tidy and was respectful throughout the stay. Come back any time.
  • Really enjoyed hosting this guest. Communication was good. Followed the house rules. Left the place clean. What more can you hope for as a host?

Reviews that use the guest’s first name as an input variable

The review templates will pull the guest’s first name from the PMP. This will make your review more personable and increase your odds of repeat guests.

Note: Hostfully users will have to substitute [Guest First Name] with the string [$GUEST_NAME$]

  • [Guest First Name] was a great guest. Communicative during the booking process and left the place clean and in great shape. Would not hesitate to have [Guest First Name] back again anytime.
  • [Guest First Name] was fantastic. Quiet, considerate and left the place clean and in good condition. We recommend them to any hosts.
  • [Guest First Name] was a great to host! Respectful, quiet, clean and organized. We have nothing but good things to say. [Guest First Name], we’d love to have you stay with us any time in the future.
  • [Guest First Name] was awesome! Very communicative and respected the house rules. We’d love to have [Guest First Name] come back, but we also recommend to any host.
  • Really nothing negative to say about [Guest First Name]. Easy to host, left the place clean, and respected the house rules. Come back anytime [Guest First Name]!
  • [Guest First Name] was great to host. Super easy to deal with, and communicated what we needed to know to help us make the hosting easy and smooth. Would have [Guest First Name] back any day.
  • [Guest First Name] is very respectful and easy to work with. Please come again!
  • [Guest First Name] was so lovely. [Guest First Name], it was such a pleasure to host you. I highly recommend [Guest First Name] to any other host.
  • One of the easiest guests I’ve ever hosted. [Guest First Name] was organized, clean, and left the place in good order. Please come back one day!
  • [Guest First Name] is fantastic and such a delight to host. Communicates well, respectful of the place, and left everything clean. Really enjoyed hosting you [Guest First Name] and would love to have you stay with us again.
  • [Guest First Name] stayed at our place and we couldn’t have been happier. Communicative, clean, and respected the house rules. We highly recommend [Guest First Name] to any host.
  • [Guest First Name] is the perfect guest. Checked in with no problem and left the place on time. Easy guest to host and would recommend to anyone.
  • Guests like [Guest First Name] don’t come around very often. Easy to work with, and very respectful. Would love to host you again in any of our other properties.
  • We hosted [Guest First Name] and it was such a delight! Friendly and clean, I’d gladly host [Guest First Name] again and recommend to any host.
  • [Guest First Name] stayed with us and left everything clean and tidy. Respected the place, and didn’t bother the neighbors. We’d love to host [Guest First Name] again.
  • [Guest First Name] was a great guest, followed the house rules, was independent, and left the place clean. I’d host [Guest First Name] any time and recommend to any host.
  • It was a pleasure to host [Guest First Name]. Friendly and enthusiastic, but also very respectful of our place. Would recommend to any host. [Guest First Name], please contact us directly if you ever need a place in the area.
  • [Guest First Name] left the property clean and in great condition. Was respectful and was one of the easiest guests to host. Recommend to anyone.
  • Great guest! [Guest First Name] is kind, considerate and respectful. Left everything clean and tidy. We’d love to have you stay with us again [Guest First Name].
  • [Guest First Name] was quiet, organized and easy to communicate with. Would recommend to any host. [Guest First Name] can come back any time!

Quirky Airbnb host review templates

We don’t think you should use any of these Airbnb review templates, but our writer got creative and we left them in to make him happy:

  • If only Airbnb supported emojis for guest reviews, it would be unicorn, heart, sparkle. This guest is great and is welcome to stay in the future.
  • As I’m typing this review, no words come to mind to describe how great this guest was. So I’ll do an interpretative dance (I know you can’t see it but it’s beautiful).
  • I’ve seen the Taj Mahal, crossed the Grand Canyon and sailed the Seven Seas. But none of those experiences come close to how great it was to host this guest.
  • If I were poetically inclined, I would make this guest review a haiku. That’s how great this guest was.
  • Imagine this guest is peanut butter and your place is chocolate. That’s how great hosting this guest is going to be.
  • This guest was so great, it makes me want to sell everything, pack a backpack and travel with him/her.
  • The escargot was great, but what really knocked it out of the park was the lava cake. Oh wait, this isn’t Yelp?
  • Seeing my child take its first steps paled in comparison to the joy I’ve had hosting this guest.
  • For three years I’ve been toiling away on my vision board, hoping for the perfect guest. I can safely say that my dreams finally came true.
  • This guest was so easy to host, that he/she is basically running this vacation rental for me. I’m not sure how that happened but I’m sort of ok.