Hostfully gets Airbnb Preferred Plus Partner status

Mar 20 2023

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What’s in this article?

We are excited to announce that Hostfully has been awarded the status of Airbnb Preferred Plus Partner! This is an honor we believe reflects our commitment to providing a high-quality experience for our hosts, and the guests they serve. Here’s why Hostfully made the cut, and what it means for you.

Hostfully went from Airbnb Preferred Partner to “Preferred Plus Partner”

Airbnb’s previous Preferred Partner Program recognized property management software (PMS) companies that offered a basic suite of connectivity features to its customers, and who met basic technical soundness to connect and exchange information with Airbnb. In 2023, Airbnb expanded its Preferred Partner Program to differentiate top connectivity partners from the rest.

Showing the higher threshold required to meet Preferred Partner Plus requirements, only seven PMS providers were awarded this new status, including Hostfully. This separates Hostfully – as well as the other Plus providers – from the dozens of other PMSs.

What do Hostfully customers get from this new partnership designation?

Hostfully customers will get a few extra perks in the coming months from this partnership. Being a Plus Partner means that:

  • We’ll be able to offer new fields in the Hostfully listing menu that connect with Airbnb
  • The reliable connectivity we’ve enjoyed with Airbnb will only get stronger. The API that connects us will get more monitoring resources
  • Hostfully will get access to a separate tier of technical support with Airbnb
  • We’ll get more opportunities to work with Airbnb, providing more new features

Why Hostfully was awarded the Airbnb Preferred Partner Plus status

Airbnb looked at feature offerings and technical connectivity criteria. On the former, you may have noticed that we developed a bunch of new Airbnb-specific features in the PMS. On the latter, we once again demonstrated the strength of our industry-leading API (the language two software use to communicate with each other).

What we had to demonstrate

To achieve the coveted Airbnb Preferred Partner Plus status, we had to achieve certain feature offering requirements. We also had to go through a connectivity review that met Airbnb’s high standards.

This is an honor we are proud of!

Our recognition as a Preferred Plus Partner highlights our commitment to building robust, reliable, and customer-first products that help our users in their daily operations.