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2 Features You Should Use

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Technology keeps getting better. Now we can do almost anything from our mobile phones. So why not take advantage of that when guests seek out bookings? Research shows that 50% of accommodation searches and bookings are made on mobile. So here’s a neat trick you can use to get more mobile bookings: enable mobile rates.

By enabling mobile rates you can drive 22% more traffic to your listing. They also allow you to give special discounts to people that are searching for travel accommodations on their phone.

Benefits of using mobile rates:

  • Attract more bookings: A discounted price always attracts eyes. By offering a percentage off, your listing will grab the eye of potential guests faster than other properties will
  • Stand out in searches: With mobile rates enabled, will add a special badge to your profile. This will distinguish you from other properties that people may be considering.
  • Better price, better reviews, better ranking: The younger age groups are more likely to book vacations on their phones and to leave reviews. These reviews will positively impact your listing on

You can use Hostfully to configure mobile prices in

Speaking of configuring special prices, have you thought about country rates? These can be done in and allow you to extend special rates based on geographical markets. This will allow you to target markets that you may be interested in, and even target markets that are in their travel season when you are on low season to fill up some of that low season vacancy.

Benefits of using country rates:

  • Higher profit: International travelers book earlier and tend to cancel less frequently.
  • More bookings: Offering discounts in certain markets during holiday periods and special events will help to fill bookings during your low season.
  • Increase visibility: Competitive pricing will increase the visibility of your booking in that country.

By using these two features on in conjunction with Hostfully you will be able to fill up more of your low season nights and gain visibility across multiple markets! To find more information on mobile rates or country rates visit