Earn More Revenue by Storing Luggage With Nannybag

Dec 21 2019
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What’s in this article?

This is a guest post from Nannybag—a luggage storage platform where vacation rental managers can earn additional income.

Raise your hand if you love traveling but hate carrying around your luggage. We bet your guests agree! We’ve all been in that situation: you have layover time between two flights or trains, or better yet, your arrival time doesn’t quite match your check-in time…Thanks to Nannybag, there’s no reason for your guests to sweat it anymore! The #1 worldwide luggage storage network is here to optimize their travel experience in over 350 cities, thanks to no less than 4000 partners set in about 30 countries, from Europe to North America, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Nannybag is a great way for you to help your guests have the best experience while you make extra money. Follow these few simple steps and earn commissions by becoming a Nannybag affiliate

Ever thought of making money effortlessly?

Join Nannybag’s affiliate program and you will! It’s quick and easy. By doing so, you’ll add value to your guests’ experience by offering something more to ease their stay. Showcase the Nannybag service and earn a commission for each new Nannybag booking made through you using a tracked link and special promotions for your travelers. An average booking basket is about 18$. Your Nannybag affiliation can earn you up to 20% commission out of each booking.

All you need to do is create an account on CJ affiliate and sign up. That way, you’ll get access to all the marketing material you need to promote Nannybag and help you generate commissions: a set of html5 banners, text links, and a deep link generator.

You should also know that you won’t embark on the Nannybag adventure on your own! Once you’re on board, you’ll be assigned an affiliate account manager to guide you through the whole process. From sign-up to using the right tracking codes. Any information you might need, ask them!

Another great thing about our affiliation program: it’s a completely free and non-binding contract. You won’t have to spend a single dime, and you can get out of it anytime you want.

Why choose Nannybag? 

Nannybag isn’t only a great way to earn extra money. It’s an essential service to simplify your guest’s trip. It’s also easy to use thanks to the Nannnybag app on (iOS or Android) and the website. The user simply has to enter an address or a city, select the drop-off and pickup time and the number of bags they want to drop off. From there, they pick a spot that suits your needs.

Our luggage storage solutions are conveniently located near cultural attractions, monuments, train stations, and airports. Nannybag provides luggage storage for $6 a day per bag and $4 per bag for each additional day. Travelers’ bags are taken care of by our Nannies, from a few hours up to 30 days.

A safe and secure place for travelers to drop off their luggage 

Our luggage storage spots are not just places where people can put their bags down. We call them Nannies for a reason 😉 They’re also safe and secure. Once your guests store their luggage storage in the facility of their choice, the Nanny verifies their identity. Security seals are then associated with each luggage (for better identification of the luggage, thanks to a unique security number). A part of the security seal is detachable and given to the client to keep proof that their luggage was stored there and that they are the owner. For maximum security, the room in which the luggage is stored is locked at all times. AXA insurance is also included in the luggage storage fee and covers up to $1500.

Because keeping suitcases safe and helping clients have the best traveling experience is, Nannybag’s top priority. We solely operate with verified partner shops, hotels, and restaurants. Only 10% of partner requests end up being part of our partner network.

Paris, London and New York are only a few of the destinations where Nannybag helps travelers explore the city without worrying.

Join Nannybag’s affiliate program now, you won’t regret it!