Hostfully Wins a Second Vrmb Keystone Awards

Mar 29 2021

Get tips on how to use Hostfully to optimize your vacation rental business and make more profit.


What’s in this article?

Hostfully has continued to impress: so few weaknesses and too many strengths to mention — VRMB Keystone Awards Judges

We’re delighted to announce that Hostfully won the 2021 VRMB Keystone Award for property management software, for the second year in a row. Winning this award for the first time in 2019 was huge for a short-term rental software startup (no awards were run on 2020). But winning the award again just goes to show what can happen when a product built for the industry is backed by a team passionate about automation of vacation rental management at scale.

Winning the award is one thing. But when you get feedback like this, it solidifies our status as an industry-leading software:

Hostfully brings unprecedented power to owners and managers with less than 100 properties. Hostfully’s guidebook module is among the best in the industry, they have super strong distribution model, and a quickly-improving CRM. The team also cherishes relationships with their partners, taking each request, question, and development “personally.” Hostfully is a phenomenal software to grow with.

A bit about the Keystone Awards

Each year, VRMB publishes its list of top vacation rental management software. It’s an arduous task that consists of:

  • Watching hundreds hours of product demos.
  • Collecting feedback from software users and compiling which companies are most frequently recommended.
  • Validating the data through existing clients.

In other words, there’s A TON of work and research by Matt Landau, Terry Whyte, and the rest of the VRMB team to come up with these awards. But this process is what makes their vacation rental software reviews so trustworthy. They put in the effort and it shows.

Sharing the spotlight

🙌 A HUGE shout out 📣 to other the VRMB Keystone winners in the PMS, including Streamline, Maxxton, Track, CiiRus, Avantio and Zeevou. Even though we are day-to-day competitors, we are also proud to share the podium with them in facilitating the disruption of legacy hospitality and building tomorrow’s travel industry.

Hostfully’s 2020

We’ve had a busy 2020 (who hasn’t) filled with exciting new features. A big one came after the cancelation wave of March 2020. The industry pivoted to direct bookings in a push for independence from the vacation rental listing sites. A few months ago, we revamped (err we mean rebuilt?) our pre-built direct bookings site (DBS) feature. Custom-built DBSs (that actually work) can cost managers thousands. It’s free for all Hostfully users.

2020 was also a huge year for third-party integrations. We’ve made it possible for hosts and managers to screen guests, accept new forms of payment, automate their processes, and provide new guest experiences.

We made significant progress when it comes to client success. We grew our team to make sure any questions you might have get answered. And fast! We now answer client questions within minutes. Couple that with our “all hands on deck” culture and we’re able to deliver solutions to problems blazingly fast. In fact, client surveys show overwhelmingly positive feedback when it comes to support. Onboarding new clients was also streamlined. We wrote new how-to articles and published tons more instructional videos. Also in an effort to support our clients, we published the Maturity Model for Vacation Rental Companies, wrote case studies, and published papers on a bunch of other topics. Our industry thrives when hosts and managers share best practices with each other. We’re trying to amplify that effect by sharing best practices we’re in a position to notice given our wide aperture to the industry.

What’s ahead

All that was in 2020. So what’s ahead for 2021?  To answer that, let’s start by pointing out how our About Us page exploded recently. So what does that mean for the future? Expect more new exciting features and integrations… all while maintaining that Hostfully “personal” touch.

We’re also working on some new features, but we have to keep those hush hush for now.

Throughout all this, we’re doubling down on what got us to this second award: keeping the client in mind every step of the way.

What an exciting time to be in the vacation rental industry. We’re delighted to be sharing the journey with all of you.