Hostfully's Inbox 2.0 - Smart, centralized messaging

Oct 13 2021

Get tips on how to use Hostfully to optimize your vacation rental business and make more profit.


What’s in this article?

Staying on top of guest communication is a major time sink for every vacation rental company. Answering leads, guest concerns and questions, and even last-minute check-in questions. These all take up a ton of time. To help our clients streamline and automate guest communication, we revamped how vacation rental communication take place. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about a big upgrade to the Hostfully Property Management Platform…💌 Hostfully Inbox 2.0!

With Inbox 2.0, hosts and managers can now communicate with SMS, email, and chat within the Hostfully platform across different channels. Since Airbnb released the back end to their chat, you can also communicate directly with Airbnb guests in the Hostfully Inbox! Just choose the medium by which you want to send your message and Hostfully takes care of the rest.

But wait!

As a Hostfully client, you know how much we love automation and streamlining. Well, we went a step further than just creating an Inbox for you! With Inbox 2.0, you can create custom templates. So let’s say your guests ask a common question that wouldn’t fit somewhere naturally in your digital guidebook… Just create a template for it! It’ll be a click away when you need it next.

Efficient and timely guest communication is the backbone of our vacation rental businesses. Mess it up, and create unnecessary friction and a poorer experience. But, get it right, and the 5 ⭐ reviews will keep coming. Best of all, you’ll free up more of your and your team’s time.

The new Inbox is available to all Hostfully clients effective immediately. And don’t forget to check out our help articles if you need more info!